Thursday, November 11, 2010

Don't Stop Be-leafing

I kind of blend into my surroundings today. I had to play with some post-processing just so it wouldn't look like I was wearing a pile of leaves! I probably still do...

Jacket - Dress Barn / Dress - Max Studio (thrifted) / Navy wedges - LOFT  /
Belt - Michael Kors (TJ Maxx)

That small issue aside, I love how this look came together. For some reason, however, I wasn't feeling it last night when I was picking out my outfit. Boyfriend had to talk me into it, and he was actually pretty insistent about it! Thanks, boyfriend - this one was a hit today. I felt comfortable and sassy as hell all day. =)

What I like most about the outfit is the use of this otherwise rugged jacket (last worn here), which, when belted, really helps definite my shape. Its big brass snaps, 2-way zip and stand up collar also adds ton of visual interest. Because it's a more of a cropped jacket, too (even more so after its recent wash), it doesn't destroy the line of the dress, which can often happen when wearing jackets with dresses (at least on my body).

I was originally going to wear my boots, but since it was going to be 70 degrees - again - I thought I'd take advantage of bare legs just a little while longer. Even though I'm pale. And I had to shave. I like it better this way anyway - my bare (porcelain?) legs helped break up the colors more than the boots would have. I also added this navy blue wedge, rather than the same pair in brown, to add a bit more depth of color. It also made blue a more purposeful addition when I added - and this certainly for the last time - Ms. Furla. (She really is getting packed up tonight...Farewell!)

Necklace - LOFT / Earrings - Dress Barn (?) 
I had fun with post titles today. "Leaf Me," "Leaf Me Alone," "Leaf Nothing Behind," and "Leaf No Trace" were all early possibilities. I'm so punny... (I have to give credit to one of my staff members for the one I actually used, however.) Whatever the case, I'm nothing but grateful for these sunny, warm fall days. It's a wonderful combination of the seasons...

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