Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do All the Work

Well, hello, Wednesday! In just two short days, I'll be on vacation! We've got an easy-going week at work, so I'm more or less on cruise control until then. The BF is going to New York for a few days to visit friends and to take his mind of the stresses of work, and I'll be traveling to WI to visit family for an extended holiday week; the BF will be joining us mid-week. I'll still have a nice long weekend to myself at home, so I fully plan to put up Christmas decorations! I hadn't decorated last year, which was the first time I hadn't decorated since I started decorating my own place. Last year was my first holiday season in this job, and I quickly realized how super busy it gets after Thanksgiving break (think 17 million performances of Nutcracker...and carol concerts...and jazz concerts...), so I hadn't ever gotten around to it. I didn't want to repeat that this year, however, so I promised myself I'd decorate at the start of the break rather than the end. Ah, the holidays....

Cardigan -Tabitha (Anthropologie) / Cami - Banana Republic / Denim pencil skirt - TJ Maxx /
Navy tights - Simply Vera (Kohl's) / Boots - Ciao Bella (via DSW) /. Orange skinny belt - The Limited

Other plans include cleaning (as always when BF is gone) - I HATE leaving our place messy when we'll be gone for a few days - and seeing Harry Potter, of course! Whoohooo! I will NOT be partaking of all the crazy when it opens, though. I'll be waiting a few days until things die down a little bit. But then again, maybe it'll take a few months for it to die down - this movie has been a LONG time coming! Another thing I'll not be partaking of is Black Friday. I love to shop, and I love a deal, but I hate crowds and lines and crazy people. Nope, Cyber Monday is the shopping day for me...!

Congo Green "Boogie Bucket" - Tano

Oh, what about the outfit? Nothing too much - wanted to be cute and put together but still casual, so I knew my boots would have to be involved. I just invested in about 10 pairs of tights, too, so I wanted to be sure to break 'em out. I only wish I could have found gold or mustard tights; that would have been fabulous with this sweater! (The Simply Vera line of tights at Kohl's is fantastic, by the way!) The sweater was another exciting Anthropologie sale find. I love a great print, especially when it also has some great embellishment! I continue to be on the hunt for a better fitting denim pencil skirt, though...

Necklace - Banana Republic / Earrings - Maurices

What are YOUR plans this holiday week/end?


  1. You hair up looks great by the way. Cute cardigan. I've never seen any of the Harry Potter's I'm thinking I might have to rent them all to catch up. Have a wonderful break.

  2. Glad you are feeling better. The pattern of your sweater is really gorgeous.

    Is it really ALREADY time to start decorating for Christmas? I am stunned. It's been in the back of my mind, but I just looked at the calendar and thought, IT IS TIME.

    Hope you have a fabulous day - and good luck with finding the denim pencil skirt, I too have had such a battle.


  3. Love that sweater! Super gorgeous!


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