Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mii Too

Oops - I've gotten behind again! I will blame the hilarious people who made me hang out with them last night. Our team had a volleyball game last night, but I couldn't play. Thankfully, there's always the aftergame party, to help drown our sorrows when we lose (which is all the time). We played Wii, too. We spent more time designing our Mii's than playing games I think... I've been dubbed the resident Mii Stylist, though, ironically, I couldn't seem to style my own virtual self very well. I'd like to think I do better in real life...?

I felt a bit overdressed since everyone was in our team tees and other comfies. But, I wasn't ready to take of my awesome boots yet! Or my $8 dress I got on clearance at Ann Taylor. It's a bright summery strapless orange dress, but just the right shade of orange to layer all sorts of fall colors with, especially this great-fitting purple jacket.

Two changes I'd make for next time: a different necklace (just too much orange-y-ness for my taste) and a different color tight. I really do need to expand my tight collection!

Purple peplum jacket - LOFT / Dress - Ann Taylor / Green belt - Banana Republic / Brown boots - Ciao Bella (via DSW) / Brown tights - LOFT

Necklace - LOFT


  1. Gorgeous outfit, the dress hangs beautifully ... how about a chunky gold or silver necklace? I think that would look awesome.

  2. YOU are adorable!!!!! LOVE this outfit - can I have it?

  3. Oh, and I LOVE your page decor. Loverly!!

  4. Ok, adorable pose! I just have to say this outfit was even more fabulous in person. One of my favorites... with the one you wore today. Don't keep your fans waiting!!! ;)


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