Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Alternative

It's funny how different I photograph when my hair is up. My face looked puffier in my full-on smiling pictures this morning, so I tried a closed-mouth smirk today. When I make this face with my hair down, I just look mean. Strange...

Today was one of those days where I just wanted to go to work in sweats, but I opted for jeans and a cardigan instead. I think it's funny that such an outfit has become the alternative to "slumming it." But, really, that's the point!

When I think about my style, which is certainly one of the things this blog has forced me to do, I've really come to understand how I'm drawn to classic silhouettes, minimal patterns, and a simple color palette. I also rely on "special pieces" - like this embellished cardigan - that can impart the bulk of an outfit's interest. Part of that is not exactly knowing how or in which way to branch out more, but the main part is the fact that, above all, I dress for my body. I dress to emphasize the narrowest, best parts of my shape. I know that I'm not always as successful as I could be, and maybe I take fewer risks as a result, but my goal is always that hourglass. It's been a hard road to acceptance (and I haven't yet arrived), but I don't have the luxury of wearing whatever I want, as many as layers as I want, as many patterns or shapes - I just don't have the body for it. Most of the time, that sucks. I gotta be honest about that. As a girl who loves clothes and loves to wear clothes, my size 14-on-top-16-on-bottom-body, with most of my weight in my midsection, limits things. And maybe that's the sole source of all my body issues - not getting to wear what's featured in the magazines and in the stores, or in my favorite blogs... But, I still dress the body I have, and I'd like to think I've really honed that over the years, even as my body and tastes change. And even if my outfit might be considered "boring" at least I know - or at least am beginning to accept - that my curves never are...

White cardigan with grey floral applique - The Limited / Grey tank - LOFT / Flare leg jeans - Lane Bryant /
Grey faux-suede pumps - Kohl's

I have to say goodbye to my lovely Furla tomorrow, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to fit in another outfit with her before I need to send her back, so this might be it. It's been a beautiful blue-hued month with her at my side!  I just can't afford to purchase her right now, but maybe someday. Or maybe Santa will take a hint...


  1. I love how you matched the tank to the embellishment on your cute :) And girl, let me tell you - you're doing something right cause I almost fell over when you said 16 on bottom...are you sure??! Lol! Cuz I'm a 16/18 but your ass looks wayy slimmer than mine! Must be the boobs I guess lol

  2. I LOVE this outfit! And I think you always look amazing. I don't think anyone can truly wear whatever they want (except maybe those size zero models whose diet consists entirely of low-fat toothpaste), but the trick is finding what looks good on your particular body. You do that wonderfully well, as this outfit demonstrates!

    You mentioned that your midsection is where most of your weight is, which is something I also struggle with (especially after having two large babies live in there!). Have you found any tricks to disguise this area? I've noticed you wear a lot of belts; does that help? I'm afraid of belts, to be honest, for fear that it will draw attention to my less-than-perfect tummy area.

  3. As a fellow 'apple' body type, I think you do a great job taking the focus away from the mid section.

  4. arianna - thank you!! but oh yes, that's definitely my size! hahaha. and, yep, the girls do help keep me pretty proportionate! i also have about a 5'8" frame, extended even more by the 3" heels i often wear, and i'm pretty big boned (thanks to the norwegian stock I come from). i do wear spanx with many an outfit, though!

    amanda - thanks, dear! the belts help define my waist when i need some separation between my top and bottom half, or when the outer layers i'm w earing are too boxy and take away from my shape. they don't work for every outfit, though, and i have to be sure i'm wearing a pair of pants that don't give me a muffin top, or it all defeats the purpose of the belt. spanx go a long way in this case! in general, too, i try to draw my eye up from my midsection, be it embellishment on the top or statement jewelry. I also try to elongate my body as much as possible, so i always opt for long pants and heels. jackets are a key piece in my wardrobe too - they give tons of structure at the waist while hiding that midsection. I always have room in my closet for a great fitting jacket...
    in the end, it's always about balance of shapes, colors and textures...

    goose - thanks! years of practice.... =))

  5. actually, you don't look like an apple shape at all, much more hourglass.  so whatever you're doing with you outfits its working.  great style, love this


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