Friday, December 10, 2010

Easy Does It

Well, like most of the population right now, I'm sick. Boyfriend was sick for over a week and I was fine. In fact, I believed I was immune. Then, BAM. Sick. Knocked me out of two days of work, and maybe more if I could have gotten away with it. But, I needed to go into work today to prepare for a big event tomorrow. I'm feeling a little bit better - still a little congested in the chest and sinuses, though. I seem to get a cold of some sort at least once a season, so I think I was overdue. Times like these I'm grateful for my electric kettle, seeing how much tea I've been drinking. Tea, Emergen-C, a few essential oils, and maybe some Advil Cold and Sinus. Who needs a doctor?

That said, I'm impressed I even took pictures today. More importantly, I'm impressed that I've managed not to look like I've been hacking up a lung and blowing my nose for the past 3 days. Actually, I think taking a hot shower and just getting dressed does help that sort of thing. And make-up. =)

Blue plaid flannel tunic - Lane Bryant / White scoop neck tee - LOFT /
Woven Denim Pull-on Jeggings - Lane Bryant / Boots - Ciao Bella (via DSW) /
Sterling Silver Jewelry - Kohl's

A flannel tunic, jeggings, basic jewelry, and flat boots are just the thing for sick days that you can't spend at home in bed.


  1. are these the dkny jeggings from lane bryant, or a different pair? They look great!

  2. they are LB's Woven denim pull-on jeggings. I also reviewed them here. I really like them! Definitely made me reconsider jeggings, that's for sure!


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