Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sick Day

First of all, I apologize for the previous ghost post that might have popped up in your Google Reader. I was experimenting with some new settings on Polyvore and they got the best of me!

Second of all, I'm still sick. Still. After a week of feeling miserable with no end in sight, I finally decided to go to the doctor so they could hook me up with the good drugs. We'll see if I actually sleep through the night without coughing every 10 minutes... I've been in and out of work all week, but I simply had to go in today. I even did my hair! But, once I got home I was so beat that I just couldn't fathom outfit pictures and the subsequent blog post. On the plus side, I'll get to wear today's outfit (and actually post it) again sooner than later!

But since I've been absent yet again for longer than I'd like, I wanted to share a few wishlist/outfit ideas in lieu of the outfit of the day. Birthday dinner, Christmas dinner and New Year's Eve are all approaching rapidly, and a girl's gotta find some new duds! Bonus: Boyfriend is taking me to Anthropologie in Chicago for a birthday shopping trip (hurray for 15% off birthday discount!), so you better believe I've got a growing wish list to share...

The first set is based around skinny jeans/jeggings. I just love the look lately, especially with those darn hot boots of mine. I love this pieced-together-looking Anthropologie sweater wrap, layered over a comfy but colorful tee.

Things to Wear with Skinnies 1

These next few outfits are based again on skinnies, one with this fantastic plaid capelet from Anthropologie that I simply must have, and a similarly shaped neutral belted jacket (also from Anthropologie), each layered with a comfy neutral tee, perhaps in grey or cream. Add some statement jewelry (Banana Republic of course!), and you've got an easy, chic ensemble.

Things to Wear with Skinnies 2

But really, this is where it's all at: New Year's! New Year's is also my anniversary with boyfriend - this year it's 6 years! I'm not yet sure what I'm going to wear at all. I had toyed with revisiting this outfit from last weekend, considering how fabulous I felt in it. But the Anthropologie dress featured below, now that it's gone on sale, is something I keep coming back to. Add some dusty blue tights, navy suede pumps and I think It would be the perfect winter/celebratory outfit! I'd feel like a sonsy little snow bunny! Another option is, you bet, a grey pencil skirt with this amazing printed wool cardigan, again with fantastic navy suede shoes. (Hmm, it seems blue might be a theme..) Decisions, decisions!

New Year's Outfits

What's on your wishlist this holiday? More importantly, what are you going to WEAR to all these fantastic holiday celebrations coming up!?!

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