Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring in Your Step

This week has already proven itself to be a killer, and it's only just begun. Oh how I long for the peace and quiet of spring break again...

I sure did jinx myself by waxing all poetic about the warmer weather last week, even going so far as taking down the window wrap; naturally, flurries and overcast skies have been with us for a few days now, and my pictures have gone back inside. I took advantage of the cooler temps to don this recent acquisition from Anthropologie, the Neo-Refinement Pullover (sold out online). 

Neo-Refinement Pullover - Anthropologie / Grey wide-leg pants - NY & Co.

It's a funny little top: if you lay it out flat, it's basically the shape of square, with the neck hole at the top of one side, and the arms forming the edges of the two adjacent sides. I really don't know how better to describe it, actually, so I shall humble myself by sharing my MS Paint skillz.

Amazing, right? When words fail, draw. I'm think I'm channeling in my inner Kendi.

Anyhoo, the result is this wonderfully drapey and asymmetrical garment that is uniquely flattering and just a smidge sexy (thanks to the hint of the shoulder it allows). I almost didn't buy it because I wasn't sure how much wear I'd get out of it as we (slowly) make our way into spring, but I'm glad I did. It's wool, yes, but  it's on the lighter side, and its elbow length sleeves will translate well for slightly warmer temps. Folks have suggested wearing it with lighter colored bottoms to balance out its fall-like hue. White ankle pants and some killer wedges come to mind...

Handbag - Tano "Minilisa" in Blue Marine / Yellow open-toed croc-embossed pumps - Nine West (eBayed)

Today, though, was a grey-pant day, but one with sunny yellow peep-toes peeping out. I like the perhaps unexpected combination of maroon and yellow, of course (an initial inclination was a pair of navy blue pumps), but it also serves as a much-needed reminder that spring really is on its way.

Close-up courtesy of a previous outfit
Earrings - The Limited / Ring - Banana Republic (eBayed)


  1. Friend!! I ADORE these shoes and pants SO much. Sometimes I forget how having my hair pulled back with some sweet dangly earrings can look SO elegant. You look beautiful...

    And, if I received that shirt in the mail, I'd be scratching my head, trying to figure out how to put it on.

  2. thank you dearie! putting my hair up is my lazy/i-didn't-wash-my-hair-option, but it's a nice bonus that i can manage to make it look nice!

    the top (not my drawing, of course) is rather picasso-like, methinks. makes me think of those paintings with the eyes all out of place - one on the face and one on the arm, or something…

  3. That's exactly what I thought of! SO WEIRD. Well, I was thinking of it, but
    couldn't name what I was thinking of...
    Does that make any bit of sense? It would have perplexed me to no end. BUT,
    you successfully got it on and look amazing!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!

  5. great off the shoulder top! the deep color is nice too. but those yellow shoes, WOW, those are amazing!!!



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