Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quintessentially Yours

I'm sorry I've gotten behind, everyone. My laptop adapter died on Wednesday, and with it my laptop. I've been searching around for inexpensive replacement solutions, and I think I've found something, but for now I'm at the mercy of the availability of Bob's (enviable) Macbook. It's also been a very busy weekend, and I've just now been able to regroup and find some time to catch up on my posts! So, without further ado...

I love this outfit. It was one of those outfits that came together accidentally; a kind of unexpected perfection, if you will...

Black cardigan - LOFT / Animal print top - Ann Taylor / Pencil skirt - New York & Co. 

The top is, in my opinion, exquisite. It's a sort of abstract animal print in a luxurious color palate of slate blue, black and tan, and the pseudo-shawl neckline (or whatever it is) gave it such lovely structure. For that reason I would have preferred to wear it alone, but at the last minute, I opted for an additional layer of the cardigan not only for extra warmth, but also because I felt a little self-conscious in the top's body-hugging stretch satin. Once I had the cardigan on, however, I was struck by how the whole outfit became even more elegant, how the neckline became more delightfully pronounced, and just overall how much more shapely it made me look.

It is such a quintessential "Jessica" outfit, really...

Handbag - Tano "Minilisa" in Blue Marine

I preferred to go without a necklace, thinking that extra bulk at my neckline would take away some of the clean lines created in the top. The gold accessories I did wear gave added warmth and maybe just a little bling without going overboard.

Ring - Banana Republic / Earrings - The Limited

I had first thought I would wear a pair of embellished gold heels, but I chose these gorgeously classic suede high heels instead. Methinks they put the final stamp on the clean lines of the whole outfit.

Black suede heels - BCBG (eBayed)

And Bob liked it too. =)


  1. Ugh I HATE having adapter issues. My Toshiba laptop has gone through a few. But, bright side, everything about this outfit is fabulous! You look great (and I LOVE the earrings!).

  2. ah! mine is a toshiba too!! with all the research i've been doing, that's exactly what i've learned with this brand! i do consider myself lucky tho - i've had this laptop for 5+ years, and this is the FIRST time this has happened! still a pain, tho..

    and thanks, elana!

  3. Love it, that leopard top is indeed awesome. And my computer isn't talking to its hard drive right now, so I feel your pain.

  4. Oo what a fun twist on leopard print! love it!

  5. This is so very elegant, classy and chic. You look incredible! I adore that leopard blouse paired with the pencil skirt, and those heels are fabulous. Love this!

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