Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rippled and Ribboned

Today's outfit was based on NOT wearing the color green. Our campus celebrated Unofficial St. Patrick's day yesterday, and aside from total obliteration on the part of any participating student (usually beginning at sunrise), you're supposed to wear green. I wanted no part in any of it....

Rippled and Ribboned Wrap - Anthropologie / Lilac tank - LOFT / Light brown pencil skirt - New York & Co.

The sweater/tank combo you've seen before, though I wanted to wear a pencil skirt this time around. (Shocking, right?) I almost wore some bright purple tights (We Love Colors in Rubine), which would have picked up some awesome colors in the tie belt, but it just wasn't a tight kind of night. (It hit over 60 degrees!) In fact, I almost went bare-legged and open-toed, but the fact that I haven't shaved in, oh, a while, convinced me to go with nylons and closed-toe instead.

Metallic burgundy pumps - Charles David (via Zappos) / Handbag - Tano "Minilisa" in Blue Marine

I have to say, though, that the sweater makes me look like a linebacker. I didn't feel that way the times I'd worn it with pants or jeans, so it must be something about the proportions with the skirt. (Come it think of it, though, I think complaint that was one of the things the reviews had mentioned.) Or maybe I should have sized down when I first purchased it, which I something I did go back and forth about. But, an older gentlemen told me I looked very pretty last night at work, so it can't be all bad. Haha! Watch out, Bob...

Turquoise ring - Banana Republic / Necklace - LOFT / Earrings - The Limited

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  1. Nothing wrong with nylons, they look much better than bare legs. Nice to see someone else wearing them without shame ;-)


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