Monday, March 7, 2011

Shape FX Pencil Skirt Review

As promised, I'd like to share a review of the red pencil skirt I posted yesterday.

It's the Slimming Pencil Skirt by Shape fx®, which you can purchase through or the Shapefx site itself (though still related, I think). If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I've been on hunt for a red pencil skirt, and preferably one in ponte knit. (Just can't get enough of the stuff.) After searching high and low for one of good quality and good length, I thought I'd try the Shape FX line, which apparently comes highly recommended by Oprah (saith the description).

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It's a pull-on skirt, which I like for its ease. I thought it ran pretty true to size, comparable to the sizes I wear at Lane Bryant actually. Some (but not all) Speigel skirts do have a plus size line with more generous cuts in the waist and hips, but I thought I'd see how I fare with the straight sizing on this one...and cuz it was cheaper. (The straight sizes go up to size 18.) I chose the 16 regular (I wear the same size in bottoms at Lane Bryant) and it fit perfectly. It does fit VERY close to the body, and though it does smooth away some lines as it says it will, I don't think I'd wear it without Spanx.

The other thing I like about it is that it has a higher waist specifically designed to help shape those problem areas in the midriff. It did do so a little bit, giving a relativity smooth line there, but not nearly as well as my high-waist Spanx do. I did appreciate the fact that it wouldn't hit me right at the worst spot of my waist to exaggerate my muffin-top, however...

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I like the length on this one, too. I think skirts that hit me past my knees are the most flattering on me, but for some reason they've been pretty hard to find. The description states it's 27" long, but this accounts for the high waist. The nice thing about that, though, is that how high of waist you choose is pretty adjustable, so you can determine exactly how long you want the skirt to be.

After wearing the skirt all night, I did notice it stretched out a bit, owing to its high Lycra count. But I appreciated that fact since it felt less clingy as the night went on, making me less self-conscious even with my Spanx!

I had contemplated purchasing the Hold-You-In Pencil Skirt by Shape fx® instead or even in addition to the other skirt, especially since it had come with rave reviews. But, for the same reason I didn't try the ASOS CURVE Ponti Pencil Skirt, I didn't care for the seaming all over it.

I purchased both this red color, which is a nice deep scarlet red (more blue than orange in the hue), and the sapphire blue, which I'll be wearing later this week!

Bonus: If you register for emails at, you'll eventually get a 30% off welcome coupon good for your entire purchase! It's good for only one day, but I kept getting them every 3 days or so! Guess they really wanted my business...

Disclaimer: This review was done on my accord and by my own desire to share information. I purchased it with my own $$ and I was not asked or paid for this review in any way. =)


  1. Thanks for the review. I remember ordering that skirt (or something similar) from newport news and being so sad that it was too big on me. Maybe I should have ordered from teh straight sizing instead of the plus sizing.

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