Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Seriously. I love these jeans. I think they're magic. No matter what outfit I wear them with, I feel totally fabulous. I have never had a pair of jeans that did that - that made me look good no matter what I decide to wear with them or how I am feeling that day. If that's not magic, I don't know what is...

Military tie jacket - LOFT / Striped top - The Limited / Flare-leg jeans - Lane Bryant / Red belt - Banana Republic

I was thisclose to wearing sweatpants and a hoodie today, but what with this blog and all I thought I should do better. It took some doing, but I thought I'd try this military-inspired jacket and striped shirt (a fool-proof pairing, really). And these jeans, of course. I wish I had some florals to try Kimberly from Fab Finds Under 50's suggested pairing, but alas - I don't have any! What up with that!?

My first instinct was that my pairing would be too drab, and I found myself wishing I had some fabulous red pumps to spruce it up. Instead, I did the inverse with a red belt and some great neutral wedges. Considering that I wanted to wear comfies to work, I was pretty happy with (and pleasantly surprised by) the result! And I think it's (another) proof that a great pair of jeans can be the equivalent of (or better than) comfies any day...

Handbag - Tano "Minilisa" in Blue Marine / Brown cut-out wedges - LOFT
Hammered disc ring - The Limited / Earrings - The Limited

Bonus shot for the day: This is me testing the light while brushing my teeth this morning. (Bob reeeeally wanted me to post it.) How's THAT for multitasking, yo!

You're welcome.


  1. Those jeans look great on you! I need to find a new dark pair... might have to venture over to The Limited and give those a shot.

  2. Do it! though, the jeans are from Lane Bryant.... (the top is from the Limited). good luck!

  3. I really like the outfit. And your hair.

  4. Agreed, these jeans look fabulous on you, and I love the proportion of the jacket. I haven't tried out LB's new right fit technology, but I'm definitely going to go try on a few pairs and see which ones are for me :)

  5. I ADORE YOUR MAGIC JEANS!!! I swear I need a pair that make me feel that great, too! And WHAT? You don't have florals? Friend... we need to get on the flower train. I have the dress from Kimberly's post and you have the jacket. We need to weld ourselves together to make the outfit!


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