Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bootie Call

Today's outfit may be considered a lesson in experimentation. I don't particularly care for this outfit, but I did decide to wear it anyway because, bottom line, what's to loose? Not every outfit can be total perfection, and that is just too much stress to put on a person to try. (I've had to learn that the hard way.) Besides, I'll only get to know my personal style better my having a few duds from time to time, and - shoot - I might even learn to like styles I previously hadn't liked!

Red pencil skirt - Shape FX* / Striped wrap - Maurices / Cream tank - Banana Republic / Black belt - LOFT / Black Booties - Payless

One of the things I liked least was my shoe choice, these faux-cuffed booties. (Though, the more I look at the pictures, the more they grow on me. Huh.) I've had these booties for a while, even with tags still on, but I never felt up to the challenge of wearing them. I decided to wear them with this outfit, again, to just give it a whirl, and because I did think the outfit need some kind of additional spunk. I figured if ever spunk could be added, t'would be with the currently trendy (but somewhat questionable) bootie!

And I guess I don't hate it as much as I initially did. True, they are ridiculously comfortable and, as I said above, super spunky, but I was most concerned with what they did to the line of my leg, which I think is the most common complaint leveled against them. Or maybe having all that solid black on my (giant size 11) feet is just too jarring; perhaps an open-toed bootie in a nude color would have been better? But the picture documentation continues to make me reconsider, as has been done more than a few times before. Maybe not a total loss, after all?

The other thing I don't love about the outfit is my jewelry choice. All the pieces seem to be a bit hodgepodge and don't work well together. I blame the necklace, which is new and wanted to be worn whether it worked or not. (My jewelry can be so pushy sometimes.) Well, it didn't. Perhaps some kind of funky gold or black number would have been more cohesive. Funnily, I didn't think much about it at the time because I was so concerned about the booties!

Black enamel flower ring - The Limited / Necklace - Lane Bryant Outlet / Gold loop earrings - The Limited

Meh, overall it's not bad. I think my knee-jerk reaction of dislike is simply caused by the fact that it's quite a different look for me with those shoes! Yet again, I'm grateful for my blog's ability to help me push my own limits...

* If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I've been looking for a new red pencil skirt. I've purchased a few, including this one from Shape FX, and thought I'd do a proper review in a future post. Stay tuned!


  1. I have to say, you've convinced me to re-think Maurice's. I've never really gone in - always looking through the window and thinking the pieces are poor quality and would look it, but I keep seeing pieces on you that I love from the store. So maybe I'll try going in and taking a closer look...

  2. you know, i often feel the same way. but there are decent pieces in there if you look! i have a lot of cute cropped jackets from them mainly, and a few tees - though that's where they typically show their lower quality.


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