Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Today's outfit is taken from Kimberly's March Outfit Inspiration calendar, albeit a week early... After she had posted the calendar, and specifically this image of some fabulous Anthropologie pieces featuring a maxi skirt and mixed patterns, I immediately thought of a striped maxi dress I had recently acquired from Maurices. Taking advantage of the 70 degree weather and a casual performance-less week, I thought I would try to style it similarly today!

Striped maxi dress - Maurices / Military cropped jacket - Maurices / Belt - LOFT / Blue cut-out wedges - LOFT

Since it's a dress rather than a skirt, I obviously wasn't able to wear a top and mix patterns, but I do appreciate how the lace neckline is able to achieve a similar purpose. Like the original, I accessorized with a belt to break up the stripes, one that I could wear lower on my hips (kinda) and could angle a bit. My military-inspired cropped jacket topped it off nicely - I'm loving the grey and olive together here.

I do like how the blues and greens play together in the original, so I chose my blue Tano and navy cut-out wedges to add that particular hue. I could have also worn a sporty blue zip-up instead (I don't really have a blazer like the one pictured), which I might do for another wearing, but I really wanted to pair my military topper with this time around. All in all, I think I did okay!

Handbag - Tano "Minilisa" in Blue Marine

As you can probably tell, it was pretty darn windy when I was taking these pictures. Hey, my own wind machine! (I liked the effect, obviously.) But, it had plummeted 15 degrees within a hour, so once again my lakeside pictures were postponed for another day. My brick background on my porch is growing on me, though, despite the fact that it is sooooooooo easy to tell when my camera is crooked. You'll have to forgive me for that one today, please - it had gotten so chilly so fast that I rushed through the shoot!

Ring - The Limited / Necklace - Kohl's / Earrings - LOFT


  1. Jessica! First, you pulled some SERIOUS inspiration and did your own version so perfectly! I love the military jacket and how you creatively pulled the blue in with your bag! I adore Kimberly's inspiration calendars! I'd get dressed so much more easily if I could be that organized.

    You look a amazing. And this gives me hope that if I loosely belt a maxi, it might not be a total no-no on me! Thanks for the inspiration, lady!

  2. Holy crackers, I wore something almost exactly like this last weekend. But, I love the grey with the green - I might have to try that next!

  3. aw, thanks lady! i totally think you can rock a maxi dress, too!

  4. You have the most beautiful style. It's amazing how put together and chic you always look. I LOVE this outfit. The dress is gorgeous! I am loving the maxi trend right now and I have seen so many floral and plain maxi skirts and dresses, but I haven't really seen stripes. This looks fabulous with the green jacket. Nice look. And I totally understand skipping the lake (the temp here is bipolar at the moment), your porch works!

  5. Loving this look! Way to take the inspiration and make it work for you!

  6. Love this outfit! I've never heard of Maurices but there's one next to the Target I shop at. I might have to check it out.

  7. Very cute - the long maxi makes you look incredibly tall!

  8. LOVE how you styled this maxi dress and am completely diggin' the red striped shirt in the post below! ;)


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