Friday, December 16, 2011

Third Time's a Charm

Glorious, wonderful Friday. Made even more glorious by the fact that, after tomorrow's day of fall convocation ceremonies, I.AM.ON.VACATION! No, we're not going anywhere other than WI to spend the holiday weekend with family, but the idea of two weeks off to celebrate and to enjoy my favorite people, places and things is always thrilling. Now if it would just snow!

Rippled and Ribboned Wrap - Anthropologie (gifted) / Long-sleeved tee - LOFT / Flare denim - Lane Bryant /
Boots - Laundry by Chinese Laundry (via Famous Footwear)

I've tried to document this outfit for the blog three times now. The other times the pictures were just too poor to post or I couldn't fathom taking pictures at all. So it ever so patiently waited to be worn again...

Handbag - Tano

The wonderfully cozy top was a happy surprise gift from Bob last year. With such an interesting texture, flattering cut, and pretty ribboned self-tie, it had easily become one of my favorite pieces in my closet. (Is it just me, or are these kinds of gorgeously unique pieces from Anthro becoming much fewer and far between?) It is somewhat hard to wear, however. I've worn it before with only a tank, once with pants and again with a skirt, but I like it best with jeans. Layered with a burgundy tee and worn with the perfect denim, it makes for one my favorite casual ensembles.

Lots of exciting events - and therefore fabulous outfits - next week! Birthday dinner party with friends a la Bridget Jones on Sunday and then special birthday dinner just Bob and I at our favorite restaurant on Tuesday (my actual birthday). You can count on tons of pictures!

Ring - Banana Republic / Necklace - LOFT / Earrings - Maurices

Congrats to Carolyn Baumgarten for winning the Shabby Apple Necklace Giveaway! Thanks to all who entered!


  1. So cute! love the the open neckline of this top!

  2. I must say your Bob has excellent taste! Terrific top!


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