Thursday, December 29, 2011

All That Lingers

Santa was pretty darn good to me this year. Among other things, an iPhone, gorgeous boots, a fabulous necklace and a cute little reminder of an inside joke between Bobby and me. But now my shopaholic ways continue in earnest...

Things that I just couldn't help pulling the plug on:
Geneve Brass Earrings

Drinks & Dots sleep set

Marcel Dress

Sativa Dress

Tartan Boucle Blazer

A cute, casual faux wrap dress is marvelous thing, and in two irresistible prints? Mine! And who can resist pajamas, really. That particular yoke-style top looks good on busty gals like me when going bra-less for bedtime. Jewelry from Ruche? Some of my favorite things to stalk. I got a number of rings that were on my wishlist for my birthday and Christmas, but those two pieces just spoke to me. (I'm really just trying to replicate this outfit, piece by piece.) I always like seeing what "curvy plus sized" pieces they add, too; this dotty tunic strikes me as having lots of potential. (Skinnies? black leggings?) I couldn't resist that cute little planner/journal/scrapbook, either. It had been out of stock for a long time, so I snagged it as quickly as possible. I shall use it for blogging, methinks. And that plaid blazer from Anthro? Scored with 50% off sale for a mere $35!! My first wearing will most certainly look something like this.

Now, things that I'm obsessively stalking contemplating (to the point of madness):
Spot drape side dress

Antique Magnolias Blouse

Taupe graduated spot top

Green dandelion print snood

Paprika heart print snood

Animal sateen pencil skirt

Ginger/black polka dot snood

I really don't think any of this needs explanation... Dots? Animal print pencil skirt? Infinity scarves? Red pumps? Heaven, help me. You are welcome to either enable me or talk me out of it. My bank account (and the boyfriend) would probably thank you for the latter.

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