Tuesday, December 20, 2011

As I Primp

I've had a lovely birthday so far, complete with a free peppermint white mocha from Starbucks, pedi/mani/eyebrow waxing (c/o Bobby), and lots of love from friends and family. But I'm really getting excited for tonight's dinner festivities and to finally get into that sexy teal dress from Kiyonna!

Since I won't likely get outfit or other fun pictures posted until tomorrow, I thought I'd share a few things I'm hoping to get for my birthday and/or Christmas! (Oh, the joys of being a late December baby...)
Hey Jade Necklace - Modcloth

As we all know, I love a statement necklace. This one reminds me of one Kendi has and wears often, and I know I could get equal wear-time out of it. T'would be a great pop of color for nearly any outfit!

Women's Alleyne Pump - Samanta (via Amazaon) 

Oh perfect red shoes, how you allude me so. When I think about my already ridiculous overflowing collection of footwear, the one basic missing is a pair of beautiful, all-season, all-occasion red pumps, ones that still scream "Jessica!" With their true red color and unique top-stitching and cut, I'm convinced these are they. And they come in my size (11) and then some (up to 14)!

Antique Magnolias Blouse - Anthropologie

I don't know about you, but I'm always stalking the Anthropologie website, constantly putting favorites on my wishlist. Sometimes I get them, more often I don't. This top is one I keep coming back to. Utterly gorgeous, it's everything I love about the feminine, structured, unique pieces that Anthro offers, and I know I could wear it with everything from jeans to a pencil skirt. But, at $188, it's pricey even with my 15% off birthday discount. We'll be making an Anthro store trip (for returns) while traveling, so if they have this top I may just try it on, and I may either fall out love or even deeper into it. And then I'll hope for a gift card. =))

Buxom's Big & Healthy Lip Polish is simply the best lip gloss ever. I don't like wearing lipstick, so these give the right amount of color and shine, and a fantastic tingle that even pumps up the lips a bit. I go through mine like water, whether by use or loss, so I shall always welcome more - a great stocking stuffer! My favorite shade is Sandy - a neutral pinky shade that's perfect dressed up or down.

Save The Earth Eco Fusion Porcelain Mug - Ruche

I'm an avid coffee addict drinker. Could there by any cuter - and eco-friendly - way to drink up? Also hoping to get my hands on the best of the best Kona Fancy from Maui Coffee Roasters. Or at least (more) Starbucks cards. =)

New England Patriots Women's Sweater Mix Jacket - Touch by Alyssa Milano  (NFL Shop)

We're huge Patriots fans. Bob's East coast loyalties meets my (latent) Midwestern football sensibilities and kind of creates a monster - or at least a very pleased boyfriend. I love to wear team gear but want to still look cute while wearing it. Alyssa Milano's line of just such girl-pleasing apparel, Touch, hits the mark every time. I have a jersey, tee and a few tops already; I'm just wanting to round it all out with this fabulous zip-up.

I may be the last person to not yet have the new iPhone - or any iPhone, for that matter. Though I've had T-Mobile for as long as have had a mobile phone, my contract is up and I'm ready to jump ship and on to that bandwagon. Besides, after 7 years, I think it's time Bob and I get on a family plan, no?

That's not too much, right?? ; )

What's on all of your wishlists this season??


  1. I am pining over the Buffalo Check Wool Skirt at Talbots.  I had an eye on it for a while and then tried it on at the store yesterday and talked myself out of it (although I LOVED it on) because I have so many pencil skirts.  Now I just keep going to the site and visiting it and trying to decide if I should drive back to the store this week or just order it while they still have 40% off.  I have so many outfits I could make with it....I also want Lancome's Tresor in Love fragrance, a Dooney & Bourke Florentine Satchel in red and a list of about five books (including the lates Steve Jobs biography, a book about Academic Administration, and Stephen King's newest along with others)!

  2. Happy birthday!!! :)

    That necklace is gorge! And I still don't have an iPhone. I like to think the only thing I'm really missing out on is Instagram & Words With Friends. (shhh... don't tell me I'm missing out on more, I don't want to know. Ignorance is bliss! :))

    My birthday comes after Christmas (early February) and my Christmas wishlist extends into my birthday, too. On my list- scarves, scarves, scarves! I may have an addiction. Also lots of colorful & patterned tights. Oh! And belts. I have been loving belts lately. Everything else on my list is music & dvds.


  3. accessories are great aren't they? they can do so much for an outfit with just a few pieces! and i do have to say, now that i've got an iphone, instagram is pretty much as awesome as everyone says it is. i'm addicted!!

  4. you know, i really love the skirts at talbots these days. they're pricier than i would like, but they've become one of my go-to places for pencil skirts for sure.


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