Thursday, December 8, 2011

Let's Polka

There isn't an H&M near me, so I don't get to shop there very often. The few times I had been able to pop into a store, I never found much of anything than interested me - always a total bust. Well, recently one my of my employees started a lengthy stint of seemingly wearing nothing but H&M, and I coveted loved all of it. Seriously, every outfit she wore, I would ask, "Hey, where did you get that?" and "H&M!" would always be the answer. Solution: must get to H&M ASAP. Happily, there was one near Bob's parent's house when we visited over the holiday...

Black blazer - Lane Bryant / Polka dot top - H&M / Jeans - Lane Bryant /
Shoes - Nine West /Belt - Talbots

This polka dot top might have been the exact same polka dot top she had sported so amazingly one day. I might have found the lone one (in my size!) in the fitting room returns and it might have been on sale. And I might have bought it. Or definitely. Obvi.

I thought I'd venture out of my usual pencil skirt routine and wear it layered under a blazer with jeans. Peachy pops of color (wearing the same new and totally fabulous necklace I wore yesterday) gave it a little something extra. Not that it needed it - I mean, they're polka dots, for goodness sake! I like to think of them as stripes' spunky little sister.

Handbag - Coach (gifted) / Ring - Ruche / Earrings - The Limited / Necklace - Anthropologie


  1. We JUST got H&M in Denver and I haven't been yet. I tried to stop by shortly after it opened and there was a line with a 45 minute wait to get in to shop. Hey, I love looking fabulous, but I have better things to do than wait in line to spend money! I look forward to checking it out after the dust has settled.

    Have a grateful day!


  2. I've never had much luck at H&M either--maybe it deserves a revisit!

    Love the dots and blazer...I had to laugh when I opened this post, because I'm wearing something absurdly similar on the blog today (dots and velvet).  Your pretty knotted belt is just the perfect accent!

  3. I really love this look.  The polka dots are so cute and then you made it to chic with that jacket, belt and jeans.  And those pointy shoes are a great way to complete the look!  I'm a new follower :)  I'd love if you'd stop by my blog some time and say hi, and follow back if you're interested.

  4. love this relaxed but chic look!

  5. welcome and thank you! i'll be sure to check your blog!


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