Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gold Leaf

I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now. Apartment: clean. Groceries: shopped. Dinner: made (and eaten). Last week's clothes: hung. I promised myself I'd only get to sit and enjoy the evening (with windows open, I might add - it's supposed to hit upper 70s tomorrow!) if I accomplished all those things. And now I get to blog!

I'm still super behind on posts - there are about 10 unblogged (and mighty fine, if I may say so) outfits just waiting to be debuted to the internets. I'd like to commit to blogging daily so I can finally be caught up! Maybe this means I'll allow myself to re-wear outfits in the meantime... Like, outfits from years ago that I still think lovingly about, but opt not to wear again because I feel I should push forward with new closet permutations for the blog. This outfit and this outfit first come to mind. If they still fit. And if I can keep my burgundy obsession at bay for a while!

Side-Gathered Cowlneck - Anthropologie / Pencil skirt - eloquii / Heels - Nine West

But this outfit it easily a favorite, too. The top was an in-store Anthropologie sale rack find, and one I had been lusting after for a while online. Naturally, I bought it in both available colors (the other to be debuted at a later date!) since it was such a fabulous style and fit. The ivory/purple version was the main one I wanted, but this aubergine one (the online description says grey - ha!) really surprised me in the fitting room. The gold flecks in the leaves along the neckline, which you really can't see online either, looked so lovely next to my face. I really dug the asymmetry of the top, too!

Earrings - Banana Republic / Ring - LOFT / Nails - Essie "Wicked" (via Ulta)

I loved the idea of bringing out one of the multiple colors in the leaves, and teal struck me first - not least because of my favorite teal skirt! Tucked in and paired with light grey shoes, plus a deep wine manicure and current favorite "bordeaux" handbag, was just the way to go.

Handbag - Tano

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