Thursday, October 4, 2012

Something Blue

My Thursday nights have become jam packed with TV shows these days. Grey's Anatomy (uh, the most depressing season ever so far - and that's saying something), Glee (another show I keep watching despite better judgement, even though tonight's cover of No Doubt's "Don't Speak" was pretty awesome) and Project Runway (I think I watch mainly to follow along with Tom & Lorenzo's recaps) keep me unproductive and up late. I'm lucky if I manage to clean the kitchen after dinner! I mean, priorities, people.

And I gotsta catch up on my posts! It's a little anticlimactic when you go two weeks (or so...) before you get to write about a day in a life of an outfit. (Ooh, that sounds like a fabulous blog name.) This outfit, for example, was worn on one of the hotter days of the summer and, uh, that's about all I can remember. BUT BUT! The tank I scored on mega-sale at Banana Republic! And it's cute and fitted and it was just the thing for a casual summer day.

Ring  and Earrings - Ruche

It was also one of the many outfits in the past few weeks that have resurrected my love of these jeans. Other than the nastiness of hot summer days, I'm not sure why I've practically demoted them to the dark recesses of my closet. Like they weren't special enough, or something. The thing is, they fit like a freakin' dream and make me feel good no matter what I wear them with. I thought a few times of getting a new pair for the sake of something new, but then I realized that I couldn't possibly find anything better than these. I'm not at all sure why it's taken me so long to realize that.

Cardiwrap - Maurices / Henley tank - Banana Repulblic / Jeans - Lane Bryant /
Sandals - Nine West /Handbag - Banana Republic

Both bank account and self-confidence thank thee. And the many fabulous fall outfits to come.

Okay, okay - I'll go clean the kitchen now.


  1. Ummm I just LOVE this! I really need to replace my ripped pair... You look amazeballs, sister!!

  2. Thank you for the jeans recommendation. I just returned a pair to Gap and was really excited that these are on deep discount right now! And available for petites. AWESOME.


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