Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunny Side Up

It's 1am as I write this and I'm nowhere close to being tired. Solution? Blog, of course! Bob has since gone to bed and Lord of the Rings: Two Towers is keeping me and my night owl self company. (I watch LOTR like this so often that I can't even count how many times I've watched the cycle anymore.) But I find myself enjoying the prospect of spending the wee hours catching up with posts, and realizing this seems to be how I best like to blog...

This outfit is another one inspired by its Lane Bryant styling. I wanted to incorporate that hat, but I didn't (and still don't) have one like it. This one comes quite close, but I can't quite seem to pull the trigger on its purchase. I've only recently decided I like fedoras enough to warrant a second one, but I'm not sure if I'd feel like the same about such a wide-brim style. Guess I better make my way to Gap to try it out! (Maybe in olive....)

Top - Lane Bryant / Skinnies - Lane Bryant / Belt - Lane Bryant
Wedges - LOFT / Handbag - Ruche

But anyhoo, the top is great. =) It's a long tunic style, making it a prime candidate for a belt - and really a necessity if you want any shape! But that's the thing - the LB stock photo (at left below) is so incredibly frumpy and unflattering on the model; yet the "catalog" version (at right below) has so much more personality and potential!

I really hope LB runs wild with this kind of presentation, because it's doing their image - and my desire to buy pieces from there - so much good! It takes out the guesswork on how to initially style a certain piece of clothing, especially if it's questionable to begin with, and can only serve as a point of inspiration for additional styling options. Amirite?

The long tunic shape makes it a great pairing with skinnies and heels, which I did prefer over the skirt as LB styled it, and I loved the prospect of wearing more minty green accessories with the sunny yellow print. Aaaaaand I'll probably wear it tucked into a pencil skirt at some point, too.

Earrings - Banana Republic / Ring - Ruche


  1. flyingpurplehipposOctober 1, 2012 at 4:07 AM

    I am a fan of cloches myself, this one would be adorable with the outfit...

  2. It was very interesting to see the side by side from Lane Bryant. You are right- it makes a huge difference. I love the shirt the way you styled it, but I wouldn't have looked twice at it online. Maybe you can convince them to change their ways!

  3. I recently went to LB's website after some time away and was horrified by the presentation of their clothes. Not only does it cheapen the brand's established name for being fashion forward but insane mistakes like putting models in Jeans that weren't made for it has to directly impact their sales bc no one in their right mind would be like, "yes! That! Is what I want to look like. The catalog picture gives me hope they haven't lost their minds completely.

    You btw, look stunning and rocked the look!

  4. YES, EXACTLY! more often then not when browsing LB i click out of the page completely at a loss for finding anything i might remotely like and even disgusted by how unattractive they've made their models look. some of them are well known at other sites (melissa from Kiyonna for one) and i just can't get over how frumpy they manage to make them! it does NOTHING for me wanting to buy things from there, which is why i tend to only buy things i know I like and work for me - flare denim, Spanx and bras! i know the Dress Barn family recently bought LB and Catherine's (which is why Fashion Bug is closing) so i hope they use this time to revamp their presentation. they can do so much better!

  5. yep, i would have done the same - passed right over it! i just hope they keep it up! i was just on there this morning finding things to buy with my remaining RW$ and found it difficult because so much of it was more of the same frumptacular presenation. i link up these posts with their FB page, but maybe it's time to start posting right on their page itself!

  6. i think you're on to something here! i have a great purple cloche for outwear, but never thought of wearing them casually.... will have to give them a go!

  7. Love the styling--and that color looks great on you!

  8. I bought the exact top because I loved the catalog picture. I love the top and have paired it with navy, red and brown (at different times) and have gotten so many compliments. If I had seen it online firs,t I would not have bought it. Last weekend I bought a black boxpleat long skirt at the store. I wore it and my friend wanted to buy one so I looked it up online and showed her the skirt and she could not believe it was the same skirt. The one online looked like something an old lady would wear and mine looked like a long pleated maxi skirt. The styling of that skirt was just bad. By the way I love your blog and love to get ideas from your looks!!!


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