Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pinned Down

I don't know what prompted me to paint my nails at half past midnight, but now that I have, I probably should wait at least an hour for them to dry. So I figured I might as well blog! I must be truly insane. (And it's no wonder I'm no morning person.) Plus I started looking through old blog posts for favorite outfits to recycle over the next few busy days (so useful!) and I started reminiscing a bit. The holiday season is quickly approaching, and with it all manner of cozy memories and activities. You know what? Blogging definitely seems to be one of them. That's a nice little incentive to get back in the habit of blogging nightly, isn't it?

I love a little pattern mixing. Nothing too crazy for this sartorially tame heart of mine - a pinstripe here, a polka dot there. It's all about contrasting scale and texture as much as complementary color palettes. And I definitely favor some kind of mix, however subtle, to help give an otherwise standard print-and-solid combo a little more visual interest.

Ring - gifted  / Necklace - The Limited / Earrings -  LOFT / Pumps - Nine West (via
Peri Print Top - c/o Kiyonna / Pencil skirt - Simply Be / Handbag - Furla (via TJ Maxx)

This top from Kiyonna, the Peri Print Top, is a lovely little print. Vibrant colors and painterly floral shapes (the color is called "Floral Painting" ...) meet yet another crazily flattering silhouette of theirs. I think in warmer months I may gravitate toward equally colorful bottoms (coral! teal!), but since fall has most definitely arrived in these parts, I figured I'd pair it with a darker navy to start. And pinstripes. =)

I even managed to get a little oxblood in this outfit thanks to my new ring! (Thanks, Vanessa!) Hmm, now to get a pencil skirt in that color....


  1. This top is beautiful. I adore the color and the beautiful almost looks like an artist's watercolor to me.
    I will be happy to see you back to blogging regularly; I miss those daily posts!

    Lisa/Dangerous Curves

  2. Love that top! Kiyonna should have you as a model. Here's hoping that top will look as good on me. :)

  3. I adore your posts... I am a new fan of yours but find myself looking to see what you are wearirng then going to my closet to try to find something similar to wear... I do wonder what you are using underneath your fabulous outfits... I do not look as "smooth" as you do in my pencil skirts and my wrap blouses and dress's are not as slimming as yours... I think we are about the same size but you look sooooo much better than I can even hope to -- tell me what is your secret, 1000 crunches or a "yummy tummy" ???? And I love your shoes, If you ever have a "sale" you must tell us!!!!

  4. i'm a HUGE believer in spanx! i did a post a while back for all my fave items - check it out!

  5. thanks! (and in a way, they kinda do!) i bet it will look great on you! they do such marginal things with their pieces.

  6. aw, thanks lisa. it's good to be back. the watercolor print is exactly what attracted me to the top, that's for sure!


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