Sunday, February 20, 2011

For the Love of Stripes

I know stripes are all over the place this days, but I gotta say, I'm all over that bandwagon. It's kind of a pattern without being a pattern, knowwhaddaimean? It's so easy to mix patterns with it, or even just a way to liven up otherwise classic pieces, like a pinstripe pencil skirt, for instance. And the layering options with this self-belted wrap will be endless!

Striped belted wrap - Maurices / Pinstripe pencil skirt - Lane Bryant / Embellished tank - LOFT / Black nylons - Lane Bryant /
Metallic burgundy pumps - Charles by Charles David(via Zappos)

I'm also getting better at being more flexible when it comes to color combinations. For example, before this blog, I would have worn a basic black or white cami underneath the striped wrap, or at best some kind of red top. So this embellished dark pink tank, while perhaps nothing earth shattering, is definitely proof that I've loosened up a bit!

Handbag - Tano "Homemade Cake" in Bordeaux

Oh yeah, and I got a hair cut! I was long overdue, to be sure. It might seem pretty short, but it's actually the usual length I go to when I get a fresh cut! (See??) It's really been just that long since my last visit. My stylist did some pretty exciting things with color too, especially on the right side of my head, which you really can't see in these pictures. I'll try to capture them in future posts, eh?

Black enamel flower ring - The Limited / Earrings - Lane Bryant (?)


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous (as always!) and I love the striped wrap with the embellished tank. It looks great together!

    I'm trying to be more open to new color combinations myself and not go for the usual things I'd put together out of habit. I'm always a little surprised when something new I try works and then I wonder why I didn't think of it sooner!

  2. Fantastic stripe wrap! Lookin' good!


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