Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Red Stripe

I got my new camera today! It's a Canon Powershot SX130 IS and so far it's pretty awesome. I'm still getting used to it (and trying to learn a few more basic photography skills in the meantime), and I'm also taking pictures in a different location than usual (with different lighting and backgrounds to fend with), so bare with me! New toys are always fun, though!

Fur Collar Surplus Jacket - Ecote (Urban Outfitters) / Red Stripe Top - Cooperative Designs (Urban Outfitters) /
Flare-leg jeans - Lane Bryant / Taupe boots - Laundry by Chinese Laundry (Famous Footwear)

You'll notice of course that I'm wearing my surplus jacket again. I said I would! =P I bought this fantastic red stripe top at the same time I bought the jacket, and I just loved how they paired together. I was also pleasantly surprised when it rang up as only $9.99! Seriously, though, it still boggles my mind how everything I bought at that Urban Outfitters trip goes together, not to mention a zillion other things in my closet. That's the kind of clothing purchase that makes a shopaholic feel good!

Handbag - Tano "Minilisa" in Blue Marine

More importantly, I can't get over how flattering this top is. Lately I've been depending on layers not only to add more visual interest to my outfits (and to keep warm, duh) but to cover up my ever-expanding midsection (I hate being over 30 for that reason). This top camouflages all of that in the most feminine and interesting ways. From the zip that hits just below the decolletage, to the wide neckline that exposes more of that sexy shoulder area (an area of my body I do quite love), to the waistline that hits at the smallest part and just flares right out over my muffin top and hips. Who knew $9.99 could buy a positive body image! I just might have to wear this top alone more often that not.

Er, still with a skirt/pants/jeans, of course... =7

Hammered disc ring - The Limited / Sterling Silver Loop necklace  Kohl's /  Earrings - LOFT

I close with a camera query for you more advanced users out there. My continuing problem with taking full-body pictures, primarily when I'm using the timer setting, is that I can't get my face to be in focus, even with a face detect function. When I have someone taking pictures for me, I have less of a problem since they can choose the focus. Suggestions?


  1. Your face looks pretty in focus to me! Did you see my insane photos, today? I was like a waving ghost in a dead corn field. Focusing is not my forte.

    HOW, oh HOW do you always have perfectly volumized hair?

  2. haha. you funny. =))) i did see them, but i liked the effect! all dewy and glowy!!

    the secret (?) to my updo is, first and foremost, unwashed hair. ha! (it allows me to be lazy AND a little made-up! i then rat my hair just a bit at my forehead while hanging my head upside down. i then comb just the top strands to make it appear less tangled. i pin it just at the back of head to give it just a bit more lift than that. and then lots-o-hairspray! no bump-its for me!

  3. I love that top!! tops with this kind of waistline and flare are my favorite because they camoflages the midsection wonderfully!! you look great!

  4. Amazing. That top is so marilyn monroe. I read a post awhile back about how to fix the focus thing, i'll see if i can find it again and email you the link.

  5. I loveee this top on you! Way to show off your gorgeous neck, shoulders and collarbones!

  6. The picture of just the shirt and jeans...SEXY. Uh huh. I like that one. I still love that jacket though! And I have the SAME CAMERA! I love that I can set it to take 10 pictures at once. I don't even mind that I don't have a remote.

  7. yes, please send it! and thanks, lady!

  8. i know you have the same one! it was your recommendation that convinced me to get it! the 10 pictures thing is pretty darn awesome. looking forward to trying the wink/smile functions too!

    and thanks, lady! i felt pretty sexy in that shot...

  9. I must say, I'm still regretting not going with you to UO last weekend... what amazing finds, and you look beautiful! And, if I can say, the background is pretty hot too, though I may be bias :)

  10. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this, sister! You look gorgeous, and I can't agree more about the top on you- your shoulders are super sexy!


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