Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today I celebrate the return of open-toed sandals! The snow is melting rapidly, the temperature hit above 60 today, and it is light out well after 5pm. Hoorah! But I'm no fool - a Midwestern February is one rotten trickster. So, I will just celebrate these past few days as what they are - a sweet respite from the ache of this frigid winter. And I do so in light summery colors, thin fabrics, and open-toed sandals, of course. With or without a pedicure (however needed...) =P

Cropped jacket - Dress Barn / Ruffled top - New York & Co. / Flare leg denim - Lane Bryant / Open-toed wedges - LOFT

I'm also enjoying this week's respite from busy evenings at work. It's been so nice working a regular day (even though they've been pretty busy themselves), with evenings to myself and Bob, spending happy hour with friends, watching TV's guilty pleasures, running to the mall for fab clearance finds (to be worn next week!), giving myself manicures, and getting to wear jeans that make me feel simply fabulous.

But on the other hand, and call me crazy, I look forward to those busy nights again, not only because I love the energy and sense of occasion, but to get to dressed up! And, of course, they will return sooner than later. =)

Handbag - Steve Madden (via
Turquoise Ring - Banana Republic / Turquoise earrings - Dress Barn


  1. you look fab!! as always....did you ever consider plus size modeling? you should!

  2. Those jeans ARE fabulous on you!! Lane Bryant?? Gotta get me some!

  3. Ahh! You look fabulous. This is my favorite outfit on you. The jacket is to die for and I've been wanting that top since I first laid eyes on it! AND those jeans... giiirrrrrl.

  4. What a great, ruffly top. I really like the metallic accents -- it gives it a nice bit of edge to go with the fabulous jacket.

  5. I totally agree - you feel fabulous in your jeans because YOU ARE! Love this outfit!


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