Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tickle the Ivories

Is it bad (silly? ridiculous? neurotic? cute?) that I knew the title for this post the minute I decided on the outfit? I guess this lovely combination of ivory/gold (the true star), black and grey (subconsciously?) stirred up images of piano keys, which I did play for the better part of my life...

Herringbone sweater jacket - Sleeping on Snow (Anthropologie) / Lace tank - Banana Republic / Pinstripe pencil skirt - Lane Bryant / Ivory tights - We Love Colors / Grey faux suede shoes - Kohl's / Ivory skinny belt - Banana Republic

The sweater/jacket/vest is a new item I just picked up on sale from Anthropologie. It's an odd little piece, but it's warm and cozy as hell, and it does give me a nice shape. I'm looking forward to dressing up a few denim ensembles with it. As seems to be customary with me lately, I did some subtle pattern mixing by pairing its herringbone weave with a pinstripe skirt. You can't really tell in these pics (and I failed to take a close-up), but I like the added dimension it gave the outfit. A plain black skirt rarely interests me... I chose these new ivory tights to really make the color a more purposeful part of the outfit (thereby justifying my title =P), even though I was hesitant that people might confuse my legs as just that damn pasty! Thanks to the grey pumps that helped balance all that out, a friend of mine assured me that wasn't the case. Friends sure are good to have around when fashion-related (or any, really) doubts creep in... =)

I'm getting a hang of all the cool settings on my new camera! These outfit pictures were shot with the smile setting, which necessarily focuses on a smiling face before it takes pictures. The beauty of the setting, too, is that I can still take 10 pictures in a row! So it has all the benefits of a customizable automatic timer, plus facial recognition features. Cool, huh? Yay for better pictures! The real test will be how these pics turn out back at home without this lovely lighting and background. Stay tuned!

Necklace - Banana Republic / Ring - Banana Republic / Earrings - The Limited

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