Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Last Minute

This was not the outfit I had planned to wear today. I was initially going to wear a new wrap dress I recently scored on eBay, lookin' a little fancier and what not. But when I learned that tonight's big performance was canceled due to the snow storm and all its effects, I thought I'd go much more casual. I had about 10 minutes to figure out what this dressy-casual ensem was going to be, and this was it.

Printed cardigan - LOFT / Lavender tank - LOFT / Refined denim skirt - Lane Bryant /
Tights (both) - Simply Vera (Kohl's) / Suede boots - Nine West (via

Now that I see it all together in these pictures, I'm not at all in love with the proportions, but for something thrown together at the last minute, it's not all bad. I've also managed to wear all these items before on the blog (skirt; sweater; tank; boots), but not ever together. So, yay remix! The instigators were the boots and a casual denim skirt, and my current favorite color palette of cream, purple and blue pretty much fell into place after that. I'm even wearing two pairs of tights - navy layered over purple - in hopes for a purpley-blue mixed color effect, but instead I got just a more opaque navy. Meh. Had I more time, I think I would have tried the purple tights over the blue and would have been much happier with the color. Two pairs definitely kept my legs warmer, though!

Eh, you win some and lose some...

Necklace - LOFT / Double-wrap skinny belt - LOFT

I'm glad you all enjoyed yesterday's post with Bob! It was fun for both of us, so I'm sure we'll do it again!

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  1. hey, we can't love every outfit we wear, but I wouldn't call this a miss! You still look adorable, I especially love that wrap belt. I like your idea about layering tights too!


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