Friday, February 18, 2011

Color Story

This outfit is another look inspired by Tania, who, as luck would have it, popped by for a lovely little break in the sun today! Surprise visits from friends are the best, are they not?

Orange strapless dress - Ann Taylor / Grey cardigan - LOFT / Boots - Ciao Bella (via DSW) / Burgundy tights - Simply Vera (Kohl's) / Maroon skinny belt - New York & Co. / Necklace - Urban Outfitters / Earrings - Maurices

I've worn the outfit before, but never had good enough pictures to post. In fact, the last time I wore it (December 21), Tania had in fact worn an almost identical version on the same day! How's that for an "inspired by" post, eh??

All of this color blocking of orange and maroon and grey is totally new to me - truly a color pairing way outside my comfort zone. But color is good like the sun is warm, so I went with it. Besides, Tania rocks these kinds of combinations so well that I was convinced it was okay!  And it was Friday, so all bets were off, anyway... =)

As it turns out, I'm not too thrilled with my pictures today, either (primarily my facial expressions and poses), but I was determined to post this outfit! We tried to take a few shots during the day before I left for work. With a little finagling and time, I think there's hope for my indoor shots after all! But since I barely leave myself enough time to eat breakfast, let alone take my outfit pictures in the morning, I had to cut the session short with only a few decent pictures to show for it. And by the time we got home tonight, I didn't feel like taking any more either, so this was it!

Well, except for this glam goofy self-portrait I took in the car on the way to work... (Don't worry, Bob was driving!)

Sunglasses - LOFT / Trench - Banana Republic


  1. I'm so glad you included the sun glasses & trench photo, because it was just as hot as the indoor outfit :)

  2. The dress and the trench are making me crave spring 10x more


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