Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trapeze Artist

For an outfit that was planned entirely around being able to wear my snow boots, I'm impressed by what I've put together for today - especially considering that I finally settled on it around 1 a.m. this morning. Maybe that's why I'm wearing a smirk in all these photos ...

Brown trapeze jacket - Seven 7 for Lane Bryant / Grey studded tee - Lane Bryant / Dark skinnies - Gap /
Brown animal print flats - Payless

Having to commute to work in snow boots means that I'm wearing either skinny jeans so I can tuck them into the boots or a skirt/dress with tights, and then bringing an additional pair of shoes to change into at work, of course. (I'm sure I'm not alone on that one.) I ruled out a skirt and tights almost immediately, and I preferred easy flats rather than knee-high boots (which would have been too much of a pain to pack) - a rarity with skinnies for me lately. Thankfully (?) I could forgo socks because my boots have a sock lining. In the end, I'm impressed not only that I went to work today, but that I actually wore a blog-worthy outfit. (Comfortable frumpage was admittedly my first inclination.) OOh, and it's a remix too! [Pats self on back.]

Though I've never worn either of these tops yet on the blog, I've definitely never worn them together before. Considering that brown and grey is one of my favorite color combinations, I'm surprised I haven't! The jacket is tough to wear, though, thanks to its bulky trapeze shape and funnel neck collar. But, it turned out to be a perfect topper for skinny jeans!

Most of my work day was spent preparing to not be in the office tomorrow, whether (cuz of the weather...bahahaha) or not the university was going to be closed. Even then I had planned to work a half day-ish today so I could get the heck out of there before the snowpocalypse (as has been the buzzword) descended upon us. I made it home about an hour before it hit, and now I sit at my kitchen table watching the snow blow around the courtyard and obsessively checking email for updates regarding the status of work and, more importantly, performances tomorrow.

Handbag - Tano "Minilisa" in Blue Marine

As for tonight, we shall enjoy a roaring fireplace (hence all the wood you see in the background), hot tea, What Not to Wear, a little Wii, and snuggling (of course).

Earrings - Maurices (?) / Ring - Banana Republic / Sterling silver necklace - Kohl's

How does your daily transportation affect how you dress each day?

Edited to add: At the request of the ever-fabulously booted Tania, here are my snow boots!

Snow boots - Bare Traps (eBayed)


  1. i want to see the snow boots, too :) it's crazy out there!! the sky is orange right now!
    i love the silhouette of cropped jacket and shirt, by the way--you have a way with proportions.

  2. haha! okay, i'll post them. i just can't rock them like you do! plus, i don't take outdoor pics, so it seems silly...

    and thank you for the compliment re: proportions! so nice of you to say! it's something i do consciously work at, for sure!

  3. I think the jacket and the top go great together. And I need to get back to payless. The shoes are adorable.

  4. I like the boots! I need to get me a cute pair like that. love the jacket...the 3/4 sleeves remind me of a red one I have that's similiar, though for some reason I feel it's more springy...hmm you've inspired me to try to wear that sometime soon...

  5. Love it, you're adorable! And it's "Snowmageddon", duh!!


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