Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day to Night

I wore this outfit yesterday, a day which tested my ability to transition from being well-dressed with a slightly more daytime/professional vibe to a fancier look for evening. I rarely care about such things, but the day's multiple events seemed to dictate the need: meetings, office for paperwork and emails, interesting conference panels, more paperwork and emails in the office, meet with and brief staff on performance needs, attend lecture, performance and reception, followup with staff. I'm actually kind of impressed that my outfit had such mileage! I was also impressed that I was still standing at the end of the day. (For what it's worth, I'm not standing at all today.)

Grey embellished sheath dress- Dress Barn / Grey cardigan - LOFT / Embossed belt - Banana Republic / Flats - LOFT

I scored this dress on clearance at Dress Barn for $18 and I was actually surprised how easily it does transition from day to night. Throw on a cardigan and some flats and I was good to go! It was so easy it was almost criminal, really... I liked the choice of this grey cardigan in a slightly lighter tone, which gives the outfit a little more dimension without having too much contrast. I did add the belt to the dress, however. The dress is a sheath that was just a smidge big on me. Without the belt, I lacked any sort of definition in the waist. I also liked the addition of the lighter tan color of the belt to break up the grey. (You know I love grey and ivory together!)

And of course the natural (no pun intended) choice: a tan handbag...

Handbag - Steve Madden (via

Once evening had come around, I did need to meet with the staff, but as I was attending the evening's performance, I wanted to get a little fancier. Off with the cardigan and flats, on with embellished open-toed bronze heels! Saucy.

Bronze embellished peep-toes - BCBG (eBayed)

I just love the embellishment on the dress - so simple yet so striking. It's because of the colors in it, too, that I knew tans, bronze and cream would go smashingly.

Ring - Banana Republic / Earrings - The Limited

What a fabulous clearance find, eh?


  1. If ever a day was there for you to be sonsy, today would be IT! I LOVE this dress and your blazer. And your facial in the first photo is priceless. You're looking quite amazing, m'lady.


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