Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Today didn't start off all that great. It was definitely one of those days that I wouldn't know where my head was if it wasn't attached. Ever have those days? Yeah. After settling into the evening with my staff and a busy night of performances, things finally started to gel a little bit. Slightly alarming that it wasn't until 6 hours into my day, though...

Pink exposed seam cardigan - Banana Republic / Dot-print tank - Urban Outfitters / Grey wide-leg pants - NY&Co.

I'm submitting a petition to extend my expected graduation date tomorrow. (It's supposed to be this May; I'm obviously nowhere near that.) It's a pretty routine thing, so I'm told, but it does mean that I'm going to try to give this (my dissertation) a real go. The class that I'm auditing this semester has final paper topics due next week. Now, because I'm auditing, I don't have any course requirements to fill, but I had suggested to the professor that I just might use the final paper option to help me write a chapter of my dissertation. So, there it is. If I'm gonna do this thing, I just better do it, no?

Silver belt - LOFT / Black pumps - Nine West

As for the outfit, I didn't feel like trying too hard today. Of course, that always means that it takes me twice as long to find something to wear. (Thus one of the reasons my day didn't start out so great.) Ironically, this was the first thing I pulled out of my closet, and I only came back to it after wasting too much time and spewing too many clothes all over the floor. You know what they say - always go with your first choice...

It's the accessories that made the outfit, though. Until I added the belt and jewelry, it was just kind of frumpy cardigan ensemble in (what I thought at the time) boring colors. The belt helps define the waist, of course, but all the muted silver really underlines a certain prettiness about the outfit, the centerpiece of which is the petal pink cardigan.

Ring - Banana Republic / Necklace - LOFT / Earrings - NY&Co. (?)


  1. You are gorgeous! Kim from Fashion Momma and I were chatting yesterday and she sent me the link to your blog, I'm so glad she did!

    I love this outfit and you're right, accessories can make all the difference! Belts always, always make me happy and I love that necklace. The pop of pattern on the shirt underneath is so cute and the pink is great on you! Plus, I kind of LOVE your hair. I don't ever do anything with my hair so I love looking at other people who actually style their own. You look great!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. Jessica, you look wonderful today. I have to say I like it when your hair is up and I can see your pretty face.

  3. I like this! Simple, but still bright and fun. And I love the dots!


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