Monday, June 4, 2012

Sticky Sweet

If you look closely, you may be able to see my skin glistening in these pictures. It was a hot, sticky evening and we were resisting the urge to finally turn on the A/C for the first time this summer, determined to hold strong against Mother Nature, the electric company and the act of enclosing ourselves in a(n albeit humidity-controlled) box for the next few days. Plus, we only have wall units - very inefficient, practically-on-the-floor, deafeningly loud wall-units (and the same I suspect our creepy-crawler visitor snuck into), which increased our desire to hold out as long as we could. But I should know better. Getting dressed/putting on make-up in such conditions (oh, and I was PMSing) is NOT conducive to high levels of self-esteem. I changed my bottom half three times (denim skirt - denim flares - skinnies) and even contemplated not going out at all. Ah the joys of being a girl...

Handbag - Banana Republic / Necklace - LOFT / Earrings - Anthropologie

Thankfully, and with great restraint and patience, Bob coaxed me into going out for drinks. He insisted that he loved my outfit, especially the fantastically flattering new Kiyonna top I was determined to wear, believing it was the best outfit I had worn all week. But it was the promise of some refreshing cocktails, and maybe some nachos, that really got me out the door...

Truth be told, the all-over close fit I'm donning here is quite outside my comfort zone, which is why I couldn't decide between a skirt (familiar), jeans (comfortable but way too warm) or skinnies (have no fear!). Also, circumstances have to be relatively extreme for me to go sleeveless; I typically aim to conceal all that arm-flesh at all cost. But the top was so damn fabulous (kind of like a tight hug, really) that it almost single-handedly convinced me the entire outfit simply had to be worn, and that my arms and thighs had to just get.on.board. That, and it was just too friggin' hot to really care anymore... Sleeveless Kiyonna top FTW! On cooler days, I look forward to wearing the top with a cardigan and any of the bottoms I had been considering - I have a pencil skirt in nearly every color on the top! In fact, the weather promises to be much more cooperative this week, so I may do just that.

Roselyn Ruched Top - c/o Kiyonna / Denim skinnies - Lane Bryant / Sandals - Nine West

We sure as hell turned the A/C on when we got back home, by the way.

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  1. Very cute.  This makes me want to try some slimmer cut ankle jeans.....

  2. I love it. And your arms did get on board. Honestly - I like this top better than other sleeveless tops you've warn. I think it helps that the opening of the sleeve is further up your shoulder and not right at the crease. I have the same problem with my upper arms and I've noticed that in some tanks I look better than others and looking at your photo, I"m suspecting that's what makes the difference.

  3. Do you feel sometimes you love an outfit and just days later you hate the same outfit on you....happens to me ALL THE TIME. Its all mental. I too hate being a girl sometimes. You look great in these pics just so you know. I wish I was brave enough to do sleeveless. Just can't do it. Its a mental thing, I know I could pull it off but I would be too in my head to be comfortable! 

  4. I absolutely LOVE this and want it so badly!  I am also waiting for room in my checkbook to buy the LB skinnies - I really loved your review on them being higher cut, cuz I HATE that the GAP are so low-cut.  Love you sister!  You're gorgeous!!!

  5. Such a cute top!  I wish it wasn't sold out in my size.  :(

  6. I love that blouse on you! The color, the fit... It looks absolutely lovely. It's so flattering!

  7. amazing top!

    check out my blog and, if you want, let's follow each other on GFC or Bloglovin' or both ;)LA By Diana Live Magazine

  8. Don't be worried about showing off your upper arms, everyone is in the same boat when it's hot, and no one cares.  If someone were to glance your way, the only thought going through the mind would be "wow, great outfit!" ;)  


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