Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Of all the maxi dresses I've recently acquired, this one is my favorite. I liked the fit of its printed cousin so much that I couldn't help trying it on in purple on a subsequent store visit. I nabbed it as quickly the checkout line would let me. The regal, solid color flows over my curves with ease, making me look (and feel) like a tall drink of...grape juice? Welch's grape juice, of course.

Drawstring maxi - Old Navy / Denim jacket - Theory (eBayed) / Sandals - Old Navy

Soft, pretty draping in a rich, vibrant color is always good thing, anyway. Especially when it's as comfortable as this maxi is. I shan't lie: I've worn this outfit at least three more times after these pictures were taken. That's almost, like, daily.

Handbag - Coach (gifted)

I know that I've copped out and topped it with my denim jacket again. It was a cooler day, though, and the denim gave just the right casual vibe I was wanting. Plus, I really love the combination of blue and purple, so much so that I'm now desperately searching for a great navy cardigan. (Yes, believe it or not I don't have one.)

Ring - Ruche (gifted) / Earrings - Anthropologie /
Ginko and Gunmetal necklace - chrdesigns on Etsy


  1. I love that color!

  2. very pretty dress -- have you considered a capelet? there are a few feathery ones in the stores right now that might look nice.

    i keep wanting to see your hair updo from the back. it looks great and i want to know how it's done!


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