Friday, July 1, 2011


I'm feeling spectacularly girly in this outfit. All that smocking and puckering makes me look act feel like I should be on my way to kindergarten...

But, I'd been itching to wear this pretty (and ├╝ber comfortable) coral summer dress again (the last time I wore it was actually in my first outfit post!), and I wanted to try styling it with something other than my potentially ubiquitous denim jacket. Spurred on by Fashion for Giant's love of coral and turquoise, one I heartily share, and repeating my own practice of wearing a colorful tee under a strapless dress, I dug through my collection of tees in search of one in turquoise. And of course I had one. =)

Dress - Lane Bryant / Tee - LOFT / Belt - The Limited /
Handbag - Urban Outfitters / Shoes - Moda Spana (via

I added the turquoise belt to give the color more purpose in the outfit as whole, then topped it off with gold and smokey quartz jewelry and gold sandals. (And my grey handbag that I can't seem to put down, regardless of whether it works with the outfit or not...=7)

And I got a hair cut! I told you this would be my next 'do! Well, it almost is. My hair 1) is not dark brown and 2) doesn't want to flip so perfectly unevenly. But it's close. =)

Ring - Banana Republic (eBayed) / Necklace -Banana Republic

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  1. Tee under a strapless dress? One of those duh moments where I asked myself why I have not though of it! I'm dying to try it out with a couple of dresses that I have passed on because they were strapless... Now my question is, did you spend the whole day pulling the dress upwards, or did it stay, or did you apply a few strategically placed pins/fashion tape?

  2. excellent question! actually, between the smocking at the top and the friction of the tee underneath it, I didn't have too many problems. that's the nice thing about the tee tho - if the dress does fall down a bit, no harm done! you're still clothed! =))

    If I wear this dress without a tee underneath, I do use some fashion tape (a must for a girl's handbag, no??)

  3. okay, this outfit is darling. I've got a coral strapless dress that I might have to try over a blue tee now...


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