Monday, July 18, 2011

Just Breathe

So the crazy has begun. We move in less than a week and it's really starting to hit me. The apartment is in shambles, my hands and feet seem perpetually dirty, and I wish I could just take the next month off of work! [Breathe, Jessica.]

Cream cardiwrap - Maurices / Grey and metallic ruffle top - New York & Co. / Dark skinnies - Gap

But alas, I cannot. I should not, anyway. I can, at the very least, take time for a mango smoothie with the ever sweet Tania, to commiserate over the evils of packing and moving, and to say fond farewells. We even did a little photo shoot of each other, and though my pics of her survived, I was trying so hard to be funny feeling so awkward making so many faces and talking too much that none of the ones she so graciously took of me are suitable for the interwebs. Not even for the sake of good humor! Uffda. (Tania, I promise you this is NOT the fault of the operator!!!) I totally got a few fabulous photography location tips, though... Tania, you're a lovely soul and I'm so glad to have been able to get to know the smart, thoughtful, and luminous girl behind the blog. =)

Handbag - Urban Outfitters / Brown cut-out wedges - LOFT

As for the outfit, a little grey and cream and cuffed skinnies never hurt anyone, even if this was my third attempt at an outfit for the day. Yeah, remember that thing I said about planning all my outfits until the move? FAIL. I'm back on track though, and - oddly enough - I'd rather NOT take anymore time off so I can wear fun outfits to work! Will I have the wherewithall to blog, THAT is the question! =)

Earrings - Maurices (?) / Ring - Banana Republic


  1. I love your top its adorable :)

  2. You're probably still waist deep in boxes, but just letting your know I sympathize.  I completely forgot just how stressful moving can be until my life was packed up and split between two houses.  The first night in our new house we couldn't even find pencils for the kids to do their homework!

    On the surface you sure look cool, calm, and collected! ;)

  3. Are you ever coming back? Miss your posts!

  4. Are you ever coming back? Miss your posts!


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