Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Haze

Today is such a hot, humid day that not only did my sunglasses immediately fog up when I steeped outside this morning (!!!), but that my camera lens fogged up too! I kinda like the effect though...

Printed maxi dress - Lane Bryant (Spring '10) / Instant Sleeves in black - LucieLu /
Mirror sandals (covered by dress)  - Payless

I'm rather impressed that I managed to look so nice for regular old Monday. Even my dental hygienist said so! (I guess it wasn't a regular old Monday after all - it was Dentist Day! Made exclamation-point-worthy by the fact that it was a good check-up, of course. My gums still hurt, though...)

I don't wear this maxi dress very often - it has always felt just a smidge too dressy for a casual workday (something that I NEVER used to consider, incidentally), but not really appropriate for a dressy day, either. And its halter top doesn't always suit me either. But yet again, my LucieLu Instant Sleeves save the day! Wearing my usual shrugs or jackets with this dress always seemed so bulky thanks to how high the neckline is, and they always covered up that wonderfully wide waistband that drew good attention to my waist. So I certainly appreciate the better proportions that the Instant Sleeves allows. On the other hand, I'm rather loving my shoulders in this picture below. And since the BF happens to go nuts over my shoulders, I guess this picture's for him.  =)

I don't do too much with accessories when I wear this dress, once again because of its high neckline. But, I always grab these earrings since they seem to have been pulled right out of the print of the dress.

Ring - TJ Maxx / Earrings - Lane Bryant


  1. You're right, that jewelry is a perfect match!! Very cute look :)


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