Thursday, July 7, 2011


First off, I want to thank everyone for their thoughtful comments yesterday. Not only were they encouraging, supportive, and kind, but they were incredibly insightful, giving me ways to (re)think about my body and health. Weight, body image and self-esteem are always emotional issues, and though I always don't often delve into them on my blog, I'm so grateful that, when I do, I have such great readers to turn to. So, thanks. =)

Olive jacket - LOFT / Striped tee - Urban Outfitters / Signature Fit Twill ankle pants - Talbots /
Black belt - LOFT / Shoes - Payless / Handbag - Urban Outfitters

As for the outfit, I really did have to work up some confidence to break out these pants today. Of course, this outfit is most certainly inspired by Kendi's always surprising incorporation of her salmon crops, and particularly this outfit (I even got the shoes!), which made me seriously consider them myself. I mean, how can you go wrong with the combination of salmon and olive?? (Did someone say pimento olives?) So when Talbots boasted $25 pants a couple weeks ago (and this particular style is currently still around $25), I took the plunge. Once they arrived and I had a chance to try them on, I was hesitant that my thighs I could pull them off. But, after strutting around the apartment in the entire outfit for a while, I decided that the bigger picture really could win out.

Necklace - Banana Republic / Ring - Limited / Earrings - Maurices

I don't know if I'll wear them often (I mean, I really don't have Kendi's remixing skillz), and I'm not convinced ankle pants are the best look for me, but I was proud of myself for stepping outside of my neutral-colored-bottoms box and, more importantly, be just a little less self-conscious of the parts of my body I don't always love.


  1. This has got to be my all-time favorite of your outfits, and since I already have a similar jacket, I am toying with the idea of, oh, maybe strolling by Talbot's tomorrow myself, to see if they have those pants. The color combination is spot-on! You could also roll the cuffs of the pants tightly once or twice for a slightly different look--I do that with my ankle pants in the summer.

  2.  well thanks!! i actually did have these cuffed first, but after looking at my frist round of pics with them like that, they actually made my legs look shorter! i do think there is a sweet spot for lengh tho - i think cuffing 2-3 times looks pretty good.

    these particular pants are online only, but i'm sure you can find something similar in store!  good luck!

  3. I'm not sure what body image issues you're struggling with, but please stop!  You look FABULOUS in these pants - the curves look great!!!  I'm a short, curvy size 4/6 and have loved your blog for some time now. Keep showing us how average-sized women look in these trends!! :-)

  4. aw, thanks autumn sometimes a swift kick in the rear is necessary =) i will keep trying as long as you keep reading! 

  5. Jessica, you look fabulous! This makes me desperately want some bright pants now.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. I adore Kendi's remixing ways (plus she cracks me up on the regular), but seeing you rock salmon ankle pants is way more inspiring to me! I struggled a lot with body image for a long ass time, and still struggle, but seeing other beautiful curvaceous ladies out there stepping outside their comfort zones and rocking the shit outta the trends and showing me just how fucking gorgeous they look in skinny jeans and bikinis and sleeveless shirts and waist cinching belts... makes me feel better about myself and learn how to keep celebrating what I've got :) So, thanks for this post, for your bravery, and for inspiring me to find some snug fitting bright colored pants like these! 

  7. Loveee this color combo on you! I love the shape of those pants, I really need to head into Talbot's and check out there stuff. And awesome necklace! It looks almost like bejeweled safety pins!


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