Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I've never thought to wear these pieces together before. Huh. The orange top I've had for a few years but I've only worn it once or twice, and not yet on this blog. I don't really have a good explanation for that... Now that I'm looking at it in pictures, I think it could be fabulous with a pencil skirt for a funky, casual look. (DUH!!)

Jacket - LOFT / Printed top - Lane Bryant / White pants (cuffed) - New York & Co. / Wedges - LOFT

The white bottoms are pants I just cuffed cuz they weren't quite long enough for heels but too long for flats. When life gives you lemons, eh? Plus I just think cuffing them makes for a better casual look overall, even if they do make my legs look a little shorter than they are. On the other hand, they show off these ankles of mine that I've really come to love. And the blue nylon jacket? This baby's become a versatile little topper for many an outfit.

I guess it's the blue and orange part, though. My school colors are blue and orange and, though they are naturally complementary colors (saith the color wheel), I don't like wearing the combination lest I be mistaken for a superfan. But this is doable, methinks. Besides, it's the off-season.

Ring - Banana Republic / Earrings - LOFT


  1. Loving this!! . . . off to my closet to look for some orange and blue!

  2. Those colors are great together! That jacket is one of my favorite pieces you've worn on the blog, it pulls everything together showcases your gorgeous collarbones!

  3. Love the look!


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