Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Thank goodness for Casual Wednesdays. Truth be told, I've now begun the casual season at work in general. That is, fewer events for me to attend at night means fewer days I'll be dressed up! Not quite sure how (my wardrobe and) I feel about this yet, except for a general excitement that my hours will be somewhat normal for a little while!

Double zip jacket - LOFT / Striped boatneck top - Banana Republic / Washed pencil skirt - Lane Bryant /
Cut-out heels - Payless

I took off from work Monday and Tuesday to recover from a two-day 28-hour work weekend spent mostly on my feet running around with my head chopped off. Also known as Commencement Weekend. Things went smoothly, all in all, but I think my feet only just recovered yesterday.

Gotta say, though, these shoes now immortalized by Kendi really are crazy comfortable. There's something about the way they bind your feet that provides really fantastic support. I was on them for 10 hours on Saturday and I could have gone longer if I wanted. And they go with everything. For realsies. Stylish, comfortable, inexpensive and versatile?? Hellz yeah. The holy grail of one's closet.

As for the outfit, I really did want an elevated casual look today. I recently nabbed this skirt from Lane Bryant during their 40% off everything sale. A causal pencil skirt an a neutral olive? Duh. (I got it in the khaki color, too.) Naturally, paired with striped shirt and a little jacket makes for casual chic with minimal effort.

Handbag - Gustto

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