Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Pinteresting!

I think of all the style inspiration sources out there, Pinterest has become one of my most utilized. I'm most drawn to the format and the ease of the site, where I'm continually finding images of styles (from friends, virtual friends, and even total strangers) that I know I not only can recreate with my current wardrobe, but will look good on my body type. This outfit is case in point!

Army green vest - Lane Bryant / Beige cami - Banana Republic / White pencil skirt - Talbots / Belt - Banana Republic

I first came upon the original pin thanks to Tina (whose style I seem most often to emulate), and not only did I already have all the pieces, but it gave me a great way to wear my new white pencil skirt!

And here I am, the consummate girl-on-the go (in her own backyard in front of a camera)...

Handbag - Tano / Shoes - Payless

And hey, lookie! I'm finally sporting the necklace I won from Ariana's CatMooreDesign Giveaway  way-back-when! I love the pop of color it gives the otherwise neutral hues of the outfit - which, I just noticed, is reminiscent of the teal shoes in the runway picture inset in the pin!

Necklace - Cat Moore Design (giveaway) / Earrings - Dress Barn


  1. Ooh! It looks gorgeous on you, of course, I knew it would! Love the outfit...I use pinterest but   I find myself pinning clothes I want to buy more often than looks I want to emulate...I need to do the latter more often!

  2. Love the mix of the army vest with the white.  Such a crisp, fun combination!

  3. Love the way your bag matches your necklace!

    I'm awarding you "The Irrestibly
    Sweet Blog Award".  You must share 7 facts about yourself and award 15
    bloggers.  Not sure if it's up to 15 or 15 exactly, I did 7.


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