Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Whites

This post was meant for last Thursday, when Blogger was down and put all the Blogger world in disarray. I've only just now started to recover from one of my busiest weekends of the year, so I'm only just now able to post it! =)

I had a great photo session today. Of course, you can't go wrong with a sunny day, a lush green background, and a pretty dress! And it's (still) been high 80s and humid here, so I thought I could get away with summer whites since, er, it feels like summer anyway…

Dress - Lane Bryant / "Instant Sleeves" - Lucie Lu (genius!) / Belt - Talbot's (via TJ Maxx) /
Shoes - Payless (a must-have, thanks to Kendi)

I feel like I should be going to a summer garden party in this ladylike outfit. (Does happy hour count? Good, cuz that's where I just came from. Check out the last picture for proof.) Even though I confess I felt a tad overdressed for an otherwise uneventful day, I got over it pretty quickly. I got oodles of compliments today, too, so it's been a good day all around!

Necklace - Talbot's / Earrings - Maurices / Ring - Banana Republic 

And now I shall bombard you with (more) pictures. There's just something about this dress that brings out the 5-year-old girly girl in me...

And then I decided to tempt fate in this lovely white frock by eating buffalo wings during tonight's girl's night out, in all its vinegary red goodness that stains everything it touches. Nothing a napkin tucked into my cleavage can't prevent...

Please do note the sauce on the corner of my mouth. Thanks to my well-placed napkin, that's the only place it ended up.


  1. Ooh! That dress is the bomb! There's nothing like a white dress that screams summer. The napkin placement is hilarious!

  2. What a gorgeous dress!!! You look amazing! I'd take lots of pictures in it too. It looks like you had a fabulous time at dinner, I'm glad!  

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  3. Gorgeous dress and you look gorgeous in it!  

  4. This is so very beautiful, sister!  I love everything about it, from the shrug to the so-very-comfortable yet pretty cotton dress to the sexy strappy shoes!  You look gorgeous!!!


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