Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bermuda's Triangle

I don't know what I'd do without accessories. In light of my recent quandary regarding summer dressing (one many of you told me you share), I've come to realize that accessories are the best, easiest and sometimes most surprising way to add interest to an outfit. Whether a belt (my personal fave, and a definite workhorse in my wardrobe), shoes or jewelry, you can make what might be a simple outfit just a little more sophisticated. And when the temps are too high to think about much of anything at all, sometimes that's all anyone could ask for!

Purple mesh double layer top - The Limited / Beige bermuda shorts - Lane Bryant / Animal print belt - Lane Bryant Outlet / Sandals - Payless / Handbag - Urban Outfitters

Today was my first day back to work after a blissfully long five day holiday weekend. I've been pretty stressed out from our upcoming move, too, not to mention my second-week weigh-in at Weight Watchers, so I really, especially, desperately needed something easy to wear today. I went for my comfortable bermuda shorts (my ideal length, by the way), but I've never had much success dressing these babies up. I pulled out this shirt, thinking back to a similar (but considerably dressier) outfit I wore a few moons ago, and decided I would go again for the belt - one with a pattern or texture. Animal print? Perfect. Elevated casual, here I come!

I didn't want to go too crazy with jewelry - something simple and on the small end of the spectrum. I've been wearing this BR charm necklace quite a bit precisely for that reason, so I didn't hesitate to go for it again.

Earrings,  ring & necklace - Banana Republic

How did the weigh-in go, you might wonder? Not great, but I've become somewhat numb to my super slow progress. What really took the cake (no pun intended) is that, thanks to PMS, the dread of going back to work, and other tetchy things, I got completely choked up to the point of tears while talking about my history of poor body image in the meeting. Awesome. I don't usually put myself out there like that - I feel much too vulnerable and assume I must be boring the pants out of everyone anyway. Well, that's the point about those meetings, isn't it? You aren't alone... I still feel a little muddled by the whole morning, and though encouraging words underlined the importance of baby steps when it comes to weight loss and lifestyle changes, I confess I'm not exactly confident in that fact. (It's my third time around.) And then of course I stumble upon Sal's post from today about happiness and love of self, and I again get teary-eyed and even confused. My question is and always remains... If I love my body as it is, then what motivation will I have to lose the weight I need to fit into my favorite pencil skirts again truly be healthier? It's a catch 22 that I continually find myself caught in. I don't have a good answer.

But maybe you do?


  1. BombshellbeautyblogJuly 6, 2011 at 6:23 PM

    First - the outfit.  Spectacular.  Well done with the bermuda shorts!  Love it.  Second - the weight loss question.  I don't know anyone who doesn't struggle with this, finding balance between loving yourself no matter what but also working to be the very best you possible.  I try really hard to resist framing my self esteem (good or bad) within my clothing size/weight. Without that emotional attachment, it's easier to make those choices that will help me be healthier (and fit into my clothes!). Easier said than done, I know.  You have lots of people pulling for you to feel happy!

  2. you're such a beautiful inspiration! and so right about accessories. i may or may not have purchased 4 new rings and 2 new pairs of earrings yesterday. ;)

  3. Well, one thing that helps is separating the issue of health from the issue of weight loss.  Weight loss, even if you can achieve it, isn't always permanent (only like 5-10% of people keep lots of weight off permanently in programs like WW), but a good habit of doing exercise that you enjoy will make you overall healthier even if it doesn't result in all the weight loss you could hope for.  A couple of years ago I started going to Zumba 5 days a week.  I quickly gained seven pounds but OMG I felt fabulous and perfectly confident of my body.  I've been slack lately but I'm trying to get back to it, not to lose weight but because I want that feeling of health and strength.  Studies have shown that a) BMI/weight is not a real strong correlate with health, at least until you get WAY into obese territory and b) regular exercise will do wonders for the measures like blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, that are strong correlates with health, even if it doesn't knock weight off you.  You already know how to dress really nicely and work with the body you have; try to find some peace with it so you aren't forever tormenting yourself to lose weight.

  4. I like the top you're wearing a lot.
    Have you tried SparkPeople? I find it really helpful and have had good results over the last 6 months.

  5. Here's the way I look at it: we need to love our bodies in order to be confident in our own skin. Love what your body does for you; it carries you where you need to go, it allows you to move, to breathe, to live. Because you love your body, you should treat it with respect and health by filling it with good foods and allowing it exercise to grow strong both in muscle and heart health.

    It's so much easier said than done. If it was so easy, everyone would be healthy and fit. You AREN'T alone. You're doing a good job and you're trying...that's really all you can do.

    Now, as for the outfit, I love it. :) I love the casual bermudas with the dressier top and I always love a good belt. You're beautiful!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  6. I want to echo Cynthia's comments - we definitely need to separate health from weight loss.  Weight is not an indicator of health.

    As for your question, I think you should try to feel content with your body as it is now, knowing that it could change - either get smaller or get bigger - and that at that time, you will feel content with it then, as well.  It is a really difficult thing to do, and something I struggle with almost daily.

    As for your outfit, I think you look amazing in bermuda's and I'm jealous.  I find that longer shorts make me look stumpy, but you pull them off very well.

  7. i so totally respect your ability not frame your self esteem within your size or wieght, as you say. as i think about this, i thin it's quite clear that i've done just the opposite for my entire life... how/where do you redirect that basis for your self-esteem?

    thanks, sarah =)

  8. thanks, holly!

    where did you score your accessories? (i think i'm an accessories junkie!)

  9. thanks to you both. these are really helpful, insightful comments. i must admit i don't exercise nearly as much as i should, and i do know that putting that ingredient back into my daily regime will go a long way. i'm really not quite sure why i seem to be resisting that fact! yoga is something i especially want to start again - i remember feeling really good after just a few weeks of classes!

  10. i haven't tried it, though i just browsed the website a bit. i have to say that i do really need the personal, live meetings that WW offers, tho. accountability really is the name of the game for both it seems, and i just need to stay accountable....

  11. thank you, melissa. these are moving words, even if difficult to put into practice! =) but, truly, knowing that you're not alone really does go a long way...

  12. Chiming in late on the whole body image thing, but it's something I've struggled with quite a bit recently, what with having had two big babies and all.  My body simply isn't what it was, and never will be.  For someone who wasn't that thrilled with it to begin with, that's a tough pill to swallow.  

    My solution has been to try to accept the body I have now, not the body I wish I had, and to make it the best body it can possibly be.  Will I ever look like a supermodel?  Doubtful, although, in a weird way, I now have a Solid Concrete Reason (two kids and two C-sections in a year and a half) to relieve myself of that pressure.  Will I ever have a six-pack like every woman on every fitness video I've ever worked out to?  No.  I'm not built that way.  I'm not even sure I want one.

    The whole point I'm trying to make is that God makes people different shapes and sizes, and unfortunately our society has latched onto Painfully Skinny as its beauty ideal.  This is complete bunk, and our heads know that, but our hearts don't always.  

    For what it's worth, I think you're beautiful, and reading your blog is inspiring me to ditch the Mom Clothes (sometimes) and still make an effort to look cute.  You know how to dress the body you have, and you're making me want to learn to do the same.

  13. Always remember that you're not alone. If there's anything I can do, even if
    you just need to vent, don't hesitate to contact me!

  14. forever 21. i rarely get them anywhere else these days. can't beat their prices.

    although, i have to say that i must not have thoroughly read through this post. as i was reading through several of your recent posts i re-read this one and realized i posted to it having looked at the pics and admittedly not reading it. (sorry!) so here is my real response:

    honestly, i think you are stunning. i mean, really truly make-me-stop-and-stare-at-you beautiful. this isn't a "you're not fat" cliche. i fully mean that. and your outfits look so flattering that you make me curse my own body and wish that i had some natural curves as opposed to my heavily padded bra. women are great at cursing their own bodies, no? HOWEVER, i know that's not your intention in your blog. i know, instead, you want women to feel motivated, inspired and empowered. that's exactly how i feel! i read your blog and learn to appreciate and love my body more because of it. so thank you for teaching me more about myself, my style, pushing me to push myself out of my fashion comfort level, etc. i feel more comfortable in my own skin and more beautiful overal because i read your blog. thank you! keep on rockin'!


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