Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shoe Power

Another new pair of shoes; another day's outfit that must surrender to their will.

Coral wardrobe pieces have all I've been able to think about lately. I might have found a coral pencil skirt (either some tailoring or a return is necessary), but I was overjoyed at finding these sandals. They're just the perfect shade of pinky orange I've been looking for! Though I've worn them with long denim that almost hides them here, I can't wait to break them out for, oh, practically every outfit I plan to wear this spring and summer.

Sandals - Nine West "Bigspender" (via Endless) / Nails - "Tart Deco" (Essie)

The sweater is a relatively new clearance find at LOFT, too. I've had some difficulty finding the right outfit for it, though. Ironically, I thought I would wear it with everything when I had tried it on in the fitting room. Isn't that how it is? Fitting room mirrors seem to be enchanted, luring a shopper into believing absolutely anything about a potential new clothing item. I figured I could wear it with pencil skirts, skinnies, jeans...but with each of these (I've now tried two options) the proportions were off, and additional layering or accessorizing with the top is rather difficult. I definitely love the colors, but I'm not sure this particular use of stripes is my friend - maybe just a distant relative.

Hence the shoes. One almost plus one OMGILOVEYOU equals not too shabby right? Let's just say yes. Besides, I found another outfit for this necklace!

Sweater - LOFT / Jeans - Lane Bryant / Ring - Ruche /
Necklace - Modcloth (gifted) / Clutch - eloquii


  1. I really love the combination of navy and coral even in small bits like those stripes and your shoes. I think the strips look great and that necklace look really amazing with the shirt. 

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous! Love the coral with the green stripe! It's so unexpected, but a perfect pop of spring!

  3. As soon as I saw the necklace I thought the same found something else to wear with it! Yay!

  4. I love this outfit! I tried this sweater but it didn't work for me, I'm happy it works for someone else and looks so cute. The shoes - adorable. Lovely look!

  5. Love ur shoes!  and because I dont want to comment everywhere, ur yellow belt was too cute!


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