Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Madness

Well, I had a joyous, productive vacation and, as always, it is hard to go back to work and all other manner of one's normal routine. In fact, I might have also taken off yesterday in an effort to recoup before I had to dive back in. I would have loved another week, of course, but I'm quite happy to report an extra day did quite nicely. I spent most of last week completing apartment cleaning/organizing projects, with windows wide open and music blaring, dressing in cute (and blogged!) outfits to run errands about town. I spent the weekend in WI with family, enjoying a little shopping and much-needed pedicures with mom and sister. All in all, delightful, relaxing, and totally rejuvenating.

Blazer - LOFT / Striped top - Banana Republic / Scarf - Banana Republic / Skinnies - Gap

I'm kind of enjoying the vacillation between mid-summer and early spring, though. (March madness, indeed.) I get to break out cute tops, skirts and sandals one day (and all of last week, really), getting to layer with blazers and scarves the next. Never a dull (sartorial) moment. Wearing scarves with my hair down reminds me that it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past time to get a hair cut, though.

The scarf, a recent acquisition, was the star of this particular show. I love its color palette of blue, pink and a splash of orange; it just might be a herald of my ideal spring/summer wardrobe. For some reason, I've been all about stripes with printed scarves lately (easy pattern-mixing, methinks), so that plus blazer, skinnies and nude heels came together for yet another (and last for a while) leisurely girl-around-town outfit.

The colors of the scarf, and of the luminous spring foliage behind me, brought much-needed color to the day, as well. Cloudy and chilly, it was a day that reminded us all that, yes, it's still March after all.

Ring - Ruche / Scarf - Banana Republic / Earrings - Lane Bryant

Pretty sure I've found a favorite new photo location, however...

Shoes - Nine West "Hollyce" (via Zappos) / Handbag - Tano


  1. Man, I'm hating the vacillation. I've never heard of that word before, but just looked it up. :) Thanks for teaching me something new! I'm so frustrated with the dresses one day and jeans the next! I just want to put my fall/winter clothes in the attic so I can free up some room in my closet for these dang maternity clothes! LOL. :) You look beautiful. Love how much body your hair has! And that scarf is beautiful next to your skin!

  2. Love this outfit..may I ask where your shoes are from?

  3. ah! i forgot to add that in! they're from nine west (called "Holllyce") purchased through zappos. i'm going to update the post now, too!


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