Monday, March 19, 2012

Go Green

I'm not a lick Irish, but one of my good friends/co-workers is, and since she was throwing a St. Patrick's Day bash this past Saturday (beginning at 10am, I should mention), I wanted to pay my respects. A green zebra print seemed like just the thing.

I knew we'd be walking the mere 5 blocks to her house, especially since the weather was simply divine that day, so walkable footwear was necessary. (In fact, we snapped these pics on our way home!) Walkable footwear typically mandates wearing a skirt as well, since pants or jeans likewise requires heels to lengthen out my stumptacular legs. Happily, this perfect denim pencil skirt from Dorothy Perkins had just arrived on my doortep a few days before, and I didn't want to wear anything else. Can the length and deep indigo color be more ideal??? Incidentally, this is about my third order from DP in two months. I'm soooo very hooked. More DP goodies to follow over the next few posts, by the way...

Cardigan - Banana Republic / Camisole - Anthropologie / Pencil skirt - Dorothy Perkins /
Sandals -  Moda Spana (via

I always like belting a buttoned-cardigan-pencil skirt combo. When wearing anything untucked over a skirt, Tim Gunn's rule of thirds is best obeyed if I can create more definition at my waist. (This is also why I don't need a belt when tucking pieces in - the waitband creates that definition for me.) But what color, I pondered? Well, gold, of course! That was the only answer for the rest of my accessories, too.

Necklace - LOFT / Earrings - Maurices / Belt - Talbots /
Ring - Ruche / Sunglasses - LOFT


  1. LOOOVE that you found zebra print to work for St. Patrick's Day! And the gold belt rocks because it's like a little pot of gold! :) Hope you had a great time at your friend's party and enjoyed the gorgeous weather in your pretty sandals!

  2. DiamondInTheRoughMarch 19, 2012 at 7:32 PM

    I love your blog and love your style! I've been lurking for about a week after one of your posts came up in my google image search for Ann Taylor Loft. Your style sense is just what I needed! I'll be 30 in 5 days and have been wanting to breathe new life into my {boring} working-mom-of-3 wardrobe. I am your size twin and am so inspired to see what cute combos you put together and how you work those curves! I am now wanting to stock up on pencil skirts, too! One question...when you order from Dorothy Perkins, do you find that they run small? It appears to be junior sized, and I'm not sure how much to size up, if at all. Typically, I'm a 14/16 at stores like The Limited, Loft, etc. Any Dorothy Perkins size advice for me? Thanks, and please don't stop blogging! :-)

  3. thanks, girlie! i'ts actually quite an old sweater, so it was fun to take it out for this occasion! and pot of gold! exactomondo!! lol


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