Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rainbow Bright

Neither my usual color palette nor silhouette, I was drawn to this flirty little dress. What's not to love about a wide black waistband, navy scoop neck top, and vibrant, swingy skirt?

For a kid-friendly day of music featuring everything percussion, I figured I could step over a few lines of work-appropriate attire and really play with color for this outfit. Bring on the purple tights! I could have chosen navy instead, but I wanted to bring out more of the colors in the skirt, and this was perfect. I toyed with open toed sandals for the look, but nothing I had really worked. I needed to ground all that color with chunkier footwear, like a wedge or wood sandal, but alas, I had neither. Hmm, what about booties? Though rarely worn and something rather outside of my comfort zone, they seem to have been a pretty perfect option for the outfit.

Dress - Lane Bryant / Denim jacket - Theory (eBayed) / Tights - We Love Colors /
Booties - Payless / Handbag -  Urban Outfitters

The dress sleeves themselves are actually quite cute; a short sleeve with ruching on the top makes for something very easy to wear alone. And I could have - it eventually became warm enough outside to warrant it. (Yay for the return of outdoor pictures! My goofy facial expression simply belies a casual frustration with the shade/sun ratio at my usual photo location....) But, as always, I felt myself wanting an extra layer. Casual, easy - a shrunken, cropped denim jacket it was.

Ring - Ruche / Necklace - LOFT / Earrings - LOFT / Nail polish  - Haute as Hello (Essie)

How else I can possibly wear this dress, I really don't know. Bottom line, I definitely prefer tights with it - it is just too short on me and I know I won't wear it otherwise. Considering that it's a spring/summer frock, this is quite the conundrum...


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