Friday, March 9, 2012


Sometimes it's just about the shoes. Alright, more often than not it's about the shoes, but this one really was about the shoes. I mean, how else does one celebrate prematurely warm (albeit windy) spring days than with bright-colored open-toed amazingness? Sheesh, what am I doing to do when it's officially spring? (Stay tuned, I guess...)

Blazer - NY&Co. / Striped top - Banana Republic / Skinnies - Gap / Sandals - Nine West

Skinny jeans had to play somewhat of an equal part too, though, since I knew they would best showcase these hot pink babies. But what next? Oh, stripes, you say? Stripes that just so happen to echo the pink of the shoes? Oh, yes! But what to do for another layer? Something neutral, something structured. My love-hate relationship with blazers was to continue with this simple, basic beige version that gave just enough shape to the waist, and just enough (casual) work-appropriate balance to the outfit.

This is actually one of the few, rare times I didn't cuff my skinnies, either. I tend to prefer them cuffed when I'm wearing heels - the proportions seem a bit better on me. But I confess I like the bunched-up-ankle look here. They give my leg a longer line (which I need) and, more importantly, they seem to bring more attention to the fabulosity of the shoes.

Snakeskin clutch - eloquii

Here's the real kicker (no pun intended): the shoes are comfortable, too!

Ring - Ruche / Earrings - ? 

Now I just need a pedicure...


  1. I have to say that you are working it! You have me changing the way I look at my clothes in the morning. I was seeking a scarf to wear today and there were none in my stash. Must remedy that! And I love shoes. I think I need to find more fabulous ones to wear like you. I also mentioned you on my blog today with a link here. I like your style! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Very Carrie Bradshaw. Like you, I have a big bust and I struggle to find blazers with a flattering fit. I love your blog! I bought a horizontally striped shirt this weekend for the first time in YEARS! Thanks.

  3. Before I even started reading, the first thing I noticed were the shoes... ha!  Great look, the shoes make it!

  4. I started following to today because of the link that Tesori Trovati posted on her blog.  I love what you are doing with your blog you have a great eye for fashion.  You inspired me today!!!

  5. Love, love, love!!! I would never have been brave enough to pair that blazer with this outfit, but I'm so glad you were and that you did! My jeans (not skinnies today) should have been cuffed... they were majorly bunched!

  6. I love nine west shoes, too. I'm wearing a pair in my blog post today.

  7. Beautiful shoes! Love the skinnies on you this way, too!


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