Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tight Walk

Tuesday. Here we go. Three consecutive morning performances plus five consecutive evening performances equals no sleep, no me or Bobby-time, and lots of coffee. (Kona, baby!) This also means that planning outfits for the week is a must. I've got a working list all ready to go, but blog only knows if they'll work out as well as in my head. That's the one hinge that can either make or break my morning, that will keep me on time or make me unforgivably late.

Embellishment cardigan - Anthropologie / Cami - Banana Republic /
Denim pencil skirt - Lane Bryant / Mocha tights - We Love Colors / Shoes - Kenneth Cole

Today could have gone either way. I've been meaning to try an interpretation of green and turquoise together a la this pin. Wanting to participate in today's EBEW's Tight Challenge, I thought my mocha tights would be a great pairing. Well, the outfit sure didn't look anything like I wanted it to, so I ditched it and about 5 other attempts and went back to the drawing board. Since I had those chocolaty-smooth tights on already, I wanted to put together something else that would work but with minimal effort on my part. (I'd spent way too much time on the failed ensemble[s] already.) Cue a cardigan with saturated colors and lovely embellishment to do all the work for me.

Colored Tights | Everybody, Everywear

Ring - Banana Republic (eBayed) / Necklace - The Limited / Earrings - Anthropologie /
Nail polish - "All Hail McQueen" (Butter London)

I've worn this lovely cardigan pretty similarly to that last time, but wanting to showcase the tights, I opted for some cute mary-janes instead of boots. Happy Tights Day, everyone!


  1. OO jess! I love those colors on your! That cardigan is so cute!

  2. thanks! it's a great cardigan - i probably should find a few other ways of wearing it tho!

  3. Great outfit! Love the colors in the cardigan !

  4. thanks! it's so great for fall. i really do need to find more ways to wear it!

  5. Love that cardigan! Chic and stylish. The outfit is also very lovely!

    Cathy@custom digitizing


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