Thursday, November 10, 2011

Coral Relief

I honestly don't know how to begin this post with something other than "Holy moly stripes are neat" or "Stripes! Yahoo!" So, there. I think maybe, just maybe, I have enough of them now. No promises, though.

Black cardigan - LOFT / Striped top - Dorothy Perkins / Beige wide-leg pants - NY&Co.

To continue my week of "five easy pieces" I thought I'd go with pants today. I'm not always a lover of pants because I have such a hard time getting a good fit, but once in a while I can at least get them to photograph well. I figured these beige wide-leg basics would be a great pairing with my new charcoal striped goodness from Dorothy Perkins. (And they just launched their new US site, too!) Throw on a cardigan and a colorful belt and I've got a stripetacular version of a pretty classic ensemble.

Have any of you checked out Dorothy Perkins yet? I've heard good things from other bloggers, so I thought I'd give them a try with some casual pieces for my first go-round. (I pretty much entered "stripe" in the search bar and found this top. It's best to just cut to the chase, you know?) Also got the black & white version and a few cozy infinity scarves. (Yes, I have a problem.) I'm excited that they now have a US site, which tempts encourages me to try out a few other items. Any suggestions?

Handbag - Furla (via Filene's Basement) / Boots - Laundry by Chinese Laundry
Coral belt - Talbots /  Ring - Banana Republic / Earrings - LOFT


  1. I have a couple of little summer dress/tunics and a polka-dot skirt from DP.  They do have some pretty cool stuff sometimes.  I didn't know they had a US site...look out the Brits are taking over!

  2. I just found your blog over at EB:EW and started peeking through a few pages of your daily looks- holy poo, I'm in LOVE with your style! I kept thinking "Gosh, I would wear that!" "I could definitely recreate that outfit" "Oh, man, I like those shoes!" Lovely Lady, you're styling! Glad to be following you now.

  3. haha! ain't that the truth! Evans also just launched their US site. i enjoy checking out UK styles, but I find the fit of sizing always a little off.


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