Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving in Boston: The Freedom Trail

My Boston/American History adventures conclude with highlights from the Freedom Trail! We walked the entire thing, all 2.5 miles, following the skinny red brick road the whole way. We actually did it backwards - starting at Bunker Hill and ending at The Boston Common - since we wanted to end up at South Station to take the train home. We didn't spend too much time at each individual site, choosing to bypass some of the mini-museums and exhibits along the way in favor of actually getting through the entire route without killing each other.

But man oh man were my calves and ankles and feet sore! I know 2.5 through the city doesn't really seem that much, but something about the hills and brick and all that history that really wears a girl out! After 3 solid days of pretty thorough sight-seeing, I was D.O.N.E. And so were my boots, I think. I'm quite certain I've worn out my wonderful, perfect, cognac riding boots. They're now warped out of shape, worn down in the heel, and badly scuffed in the toe. This makes me sad, since these were truly the happiest shoes I've owned. I probably won't stop wearing them, but it does give me an excuse to just get a new pair. ; )

Striped tee - Banana Republic / Infinity scarf - Dorothy Perkins / Ponte skirt - Lane Bryant /
Belt - Lane Bryant / Boots - Ciao Bella (via DSW) / Handbag - Furla (via Filene's Basement)

Nearly-ruined boots aside, I think I chose my outfit well for the long day of walking through history. (Read: I did not look like a tourist.) I felt amazingly comfortable (Go ponte! Go boots!) and yet just stylish enough to blend in with the well-dressed Bostonians enjoying Starbucks in the financial district. The same main pieces as this outfit (a fail-safe combination for me), I just swapped out the belt (the only one I brought, mainly for another outfit) and scarf (okay, this was one of three I brought). Of course, the top half is completely copied from this other favorite outfit of mine. I'm pretty sure I wore the striped top at least 3 times during the trip, too. Hey, when it's love, it's love! And isn't that the idea behind living out of suitcase anyway? Wear your best, your favorites, and remix them to high heaven. I strongly believe a striped top should always be a part of that equation. =)

My favorite places along the tour were Bunker Hill (though I came away without a picture), the USS Constitution, Old City Hall, and Faneuil Hall. Majestic monuments, breathtaking ships, inspiring halls. History is neat. And beautiful.

To top it all off? Neither nature nor structure, but some of the most amazing food I've eaten to date. Dinner at O Ya with friends (followed by cocktails at the so-me Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge) included this orgasmic White Truffle and Toro Tartare. Seriously sublime.

All in all, an extraordinary trip and lots to be thankful for. =)


  1. I went to Boston this past August, and I liked it. We didn't really do much of the historical touring, but I fell IN LOVE with Boston Common. I was wearing cowboy boots for the entire trip--the right pair of boots can be fabulous for walking, you're right!

  2. Had dinner at o ya with my husband back in Dec 2011 -- probably one of the best dinners of my life. So glad you got to enjoy it, too. BTW, LOVE your blog, LOVE your style, keep up the fabulous work!!


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