Friday, November 11, 2011

Cold Snap

And just like that, it's winter. The trench coat has been replaced by the winter coat, snow flakes have been rumored, and outdoor pictures no longer seem practical.

Mustard cardigan - Cable & Gauge (via TJ Maxx) / Lace top - LOFT / Tweed skirt - Lane Bryant

I won't wax poetic about that because I'm truly not ready. Let me just get past Thanksgiving, okay? Really, let me just get through this week! I'm doing pretty well with my outfit list, though. Surprisingly, this outfit had plunged to the bottom of the list, but I thought I'd nudge it back up a few notches and wear it sooner than later. When I first conceived of it, I hadn't chosen what accessories I'd wear, so it remained a somewhat drab combination of darker colors. Don't get me wrong - I love the mix of patterns between the lace of the top and the tweed of the skirt, but I knew I needed something more.

Ring & Earrings - Banana Republic / Necklace - Le Mode Accessories

Purple. Purple is always the answer. My low-heeled purple-textured pumps are a great complement to the yellow (and are much easier for all the running around I had to do), and this colorful tiered beaded necklace offers just the right punch of color at the neckline. I never thought I'd wear such a bold statement necklace when I already had enough embellishment in the top, but this is just another example of how I'm learning to expand my layering skills!

Heels - Nine West
Handbag - Furla (via Filene's Basement)

Happy Friday, everyone! (And happy day of 11s!) I'm working all weekend, but I'll get through. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!


  1. I love this outfit! I have a really similar one that I never posted, I'll have to recreate! We are such style twins lol!

    And can I say, your indoor photos are GORGEOUS! How did you get them to come out so well?? Mine are ALWAYS crap!

  2. Absolutely love the top ... is it current/new?  I may just have to bug my dd to get me one and send it home with her siblings :0)

  3. we are style twins indeed! we should do a monthly feature or something...

    and thanks re: pictures! it's funny, cuz i've been really trying to make those indoor pics better, cuz i'm NOT one to brave the snow for better lighting... i have to thank my camera (which i had upgraded in february) that takes some pretty fabulous low-light pics and has great zoom, and especially my sunny south-facing windows. i also turn on all the lamps in the living room, which themselves are cool fluorescents, to provide more fill. i try not to ever use the flash if i can help it. beyond that, it's just trial and error! but really, thanks SO Much for noticing. I've been working really hard at it!

  4. it's relatively new, but when i bought it was already a mark-down and completely sold out online. you might have some luck in sale racks still though! i also have it the cream version - i just love the lace detailing!

  5. Hello!  I just found your blog from the Effortless Anthro outfit postings, and I just have to say - I LOVE your style!  You have a fab figure, everything you wear is so flattering and chic, and you have a marvelous eye for color.  This is how I aspire to dress on a daily basis, and I am adding your blog to my favorites for inspiration. :)

  6. I love the mix of textures going on here, and gray and yellow is one of my favorite color combos1 You look great :)

  7. thank you SOOO much - so nice of you to say! i must admit: i read your comment to my BF, too, who said "now THAT'S what you need to read every time you get down on yourself and feel like nothing you put on looks good."  I think i will. =) glad to have you here! 

  8. thanks so much! i really like the effect of mixed textures, even more than mixed patterns, i think. maybe cuz it's more subtle? dunno...


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